7 Ways to Get Your Book Known


It’s hard for any author, especially new ones, to get their book seen by readers. There are many tips and tricks that are promoted all over the internet, but not all work for everyone. Here are seven things that can potentially give your book the exposure you want.

1. Have a Presence

If you want people to buy your book, you have to be found online. What if they can’t find you? They won’t buy your books. They need to be able to go onto the internet and see that you are a real person.

Here are a few things you can do to have presence on the internet:

  • Have a website
  • Be on social media
  • Interact
  • Author pages

People are looking for this type of activity from an author. If you aren’t doing any of this, you will be missed.

2. Write More Than One Book

Authors with more than one book get seen quicker than one book authors. Why? Because there is more of them to spread around without spamming or seeming to be repetitive. I might not be drawn to one of your books due to synopsis, topic, or cover. Who knows, but what if another one of your books does get my attention? Now you have gotten a sale from me. If I like what I read, I might try that book that wasn’t that attractive to me earlier. I’m willing to give it a chance then.

Also, multiple books shows you to be a serious author. You are passionate about your writing. You aren’t going to tease me with one book and leave me wanting more. Readers don’t like that. I had one author who did that to me. I’ve been waiting now for seven years and still don’t have a second book.

3. Give Your Book Away

Most people aren’t willing to shell out the money on authors they don’t know. The best way to get their attention is to let them read your book for free. They will read it and tell others about it. Why? Because they were willing to take the chance.

I have found many new authors through free books. Their writing is so good that I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for their other books. They are making money off of me because they gave just one book away for free.

4. Good Covers

I do not believe in judging a book by its cover. But….covers are what catches the eye and draws the reader in. It is the first introduction to the book the majority of the time. So it has to be good.

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