10 Workplace Insecurities and How To Fix Them

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It’s common for many professionals to experience moments of doubt or stress related to their jobs. It’s important to understand your workplace insecurities and what causes them so you can find ways to address them, which can help you continue to have satisfaction with your career. If you’re someone who feels insecure at work, there are ways you can overcome those feelings to build confidence in your skills and abilities. In this article, we explain what workplace insecurities are and provide a list of 10 common workplace insecurities with ways to resolve them.

What are workplace insecurities?

Workplace insecurities are feelings that cause professionals to have doubts about their goals, relationships and performance in the workplace. These insecurities are usually temporary, and professionals may experience them at different times throughout their careers. By understanding what causes your workplace insecurities, you can identify ways to address them effectively. Overcoming your workplace insecurities can help you gain confidence in your skills, understand the value of your work and find more enjoyment in your job.

10 workplace insecurities with resolutions

Review this list of 10 workplace insecurities with ways to address them so you can continue to feel satisfied with your job:

1. Salary

It’s possible to feel insecure about how much money you make. You may desire to earn more money or compare yourself to others you work with. Remember that it’s likely your employer has a sliding pay scale in place that determines your salary based on various factors, such as your level of experience, the length of time you’ve worked there and the type of work you do.

If you believe you deserve to make more money, have a discussion with your manager and state your desired salary increase. Support your request with specific examples of work achievements and ways you’ve helped your team or company. It can help to practice the conversation in front of a mirror or with a close friend to boost your confidence before speaking with your manager.

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2. Workload

Many professionals can feel insecure at times about their ability to handle their workload. If you’re having trouble completing your assignments, remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. Often, you may feel more productive in the next day or two and can finish your work then. If you consistently find it challenging to complete your work, be honest with your manager or coworkers about the amount of work you can finish in a day or week. They’re likely unaware that you’re feeling insecure and can help you by sharing or delegating some of your duties.

3. Recognition

You may feel insecure in the workplace if you work hard without receiving recognition for your efforts. If this happens, there are ways you can show your team or manager you’d like to get more recognition. Model the behavior you want others to show you by recognizing teammates for their own hard work. Send an email to a coworker about a job they did well or give someone a compliment in a meeting. By showing this appreciation for others, they’re more likely to recognize you for your work.

If you’d like to receive more direct feedback from your manager about your performance, there are ways you can initiate it. Schedule a meeting with your manager or send them an update about your progress on a task or project. Explain to your manager that you feel confident in your work and would like to know their thoughts about your performance. This is a good way to receive feedback without asking for it directly.

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4. Advancement

Many professionals want to advance in their careers and may feel insecure about their future opportunities with an employer. If you want to advance more quickly, ask your manager if you can have more responsibilities in your current role. This shows that you can take initiative to identify ways to grow professionally. You can also volunteer for projects that may be outside of your job responsibilities to demonstrate your willingness to learn new skills.

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