12 Fantastic Short Books to Read in a Weekend

By Paige Hettinger

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to find the time, reading for pleasure just doesn’t make the to-do list. If you’re looking for a quick, engrossing read that you can finish in a weekend, we’ve got you covered. From classics and famous authors to moving illustrated novels and new hits, these 12 short books under 300 pages will have you asking what don’t you have time to read?

The Call of the Wild

By Jack London

This instant classic by Jack London has captured the hearts of many since its first publication in 1903. A love letter to the American frontier and the power of nature, the story follows Buck, a St. Bernard/sheepdog mix who is shipped off to the harsh conditions of the Yukon Valley.

Forced to acclimate to a new climate and recover his long-lost primitive instincts, Buck must learn to survive against the odds. But when he forms a unique and special bond with a human, he is faced with a choice: the wilderness set out before him, or the comfort of a home?

The Color Purple

By Alice Walker

This classic “Great America” novel from Alice Walker sits at just under 300 pages, making it the perfect short book to devour in a weekend.

Celie has grown up in rural Georgia as an outcast among both her family and her town, fiercely devoted to protecting her sister Nettie. When Nettie leaves to become a missionary and Celie is left on her own with an abusive husband, she begins writing letters to God.

Over the course of twenty years, Celie’s letters help her find herself again. She finds strength and empowerment in the women in her life, who guide her towards personal freedom.

Turned into a film and Tony-award winning Broadway musical, The Color Purple is one of the most controversial books ever published —and a must-read masterpiece.

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

By George Orwell

In this brilliant novel from 1984 and Animal Farm author George Orwell, a man struggles with the materialism and shallowness of a middle-class life. He quits his job to become a poet and a philosopher, determined to find more meaning in existence.

But pursuing his interests leaves him constantly short of cash and struggling to find work that will enable both ends to meet and passions to thrive concurrently. The stress begins to take a toll, and he must make a difficult decision about what he wants his life to look like.

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