Habits That Will Make You More Forgetful

By Tonny Wandella

Everyone occasionally forgets things, but if you frequently forget things—with words on the tip of your tongue or crucial things slipping from your memory—it may feel crippling and unbearably irritating. The National Institute on Aging states that while some memory loss and forgetfulness are natural as we age, several things can make you more forgetful at any age.
Here are a few activities that may be affecting your memory without your knowledge. Continue reading to find out whether you have adopted any of these behaviours or if you have been feeling more forgetful lately.


It’s possible to experience what appears to be forgetfulness if we are not paying attention or become preoccupied. It is advised that you concentrate on one subject at a time since multitasking might cause distraction.

Using Certain Medications

According to neuropsychologists, the sedative effects of medications such as blood pressure stabilisers, allergy medications, and antidepressants can have an impact on memory. Cholesterol-lowering meds, opioid painkillers, antihistamines, and prescriptions for incontinence are a few more medications that might impair your memory.

Being Inactive

Regular, low-intensity exercise lowers the risk of various conditions that are frequently associated with memory loss, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Additionally, evidence suggests that being sedentary is associated with thinning in particular brain areas that are crucial for memory, while exercise boosts blood flow to the brain.

It may be unpleasant to be forgetful. Your memory may stay strong by practising daily mindfulness and avoiding certain lifestyle behaviours. We also offer an online course that can improve your memory regardless of your age. Click here to get started.