By Tonny Wandella

Peeping into the only open window in the entire city
Whilst its shutters clanged and flapped in the cool intruding breeze,
And the gossamer veil swayed with an animated elegance.
They had been longing for a moment right; this was the night.
And the last candle braved the breeze
Just to watch them plunge into an enthrall oblivion.
Its glowing crown led them back whenever they felt lost.
It faltered and dimmed but its luster kept on coming back to
Tangled legs and married breathe, their gentle hum
And the whistling breeze and the bashing shutter
Was like a rhythm composed but only for angels.
All this time the last candle was with them
Till the night segued out,
Until the flame eat the mortal candle,
Till that early bird left the nest;
Until every window in the entire city creaked open.