#8. Daily Something……….. Something…………

By according2meok.wordpress.com

Only One Chance

Sometimes you get only one chance……

* One chance to put aside your pride and say humbly: “I was wrong” or “it was my fault”.

* One chance explain a misunderstanding that if ignored, would sour a friendship.

* One chance to hear what other has to tell you.

* One chance to defend a friend, when slighting remarks are made about him.

* One chance to accept a shy but sincere offer of friendship.

* One chance to standup and be counted, when you don’t agree with the crowd.

* One chance to say “NO“, when it is important to say “NO”, but easier to say “YES”.

* One chance to write, the wrong you have done.

* One chance to choose the right road when you come to a cross road in your life.

* One chance to standup and face a hard situation, instead of running away from it.

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