By Tonny Wandella

Suddenly, when the latch shrills and opens,
Bear with me my feeble soul; floods would have arrive
Once a tedium life will be an up roaring hive;
Hence, I’ll fight to keep you inside much longer.
I will swim with my inept strive till my bones are enshrouded with defeat.
Suddenly, I will take you safely down to the quite bottom.
I will succumb with no shiver, no quiver: and reach out to the furthest calmness.
I will take you to the farthest lair and release you.

But I beckon you to fight back from within,
Creep about with such stealth and leery, and clog my senses,
Before they swallow us; the livid ones are merciless.
Stand still throughout the fray;
When whispers become roars, and blue sky turns grey,
a gentle pat a sting and moon beams a scorching fire.
Creep about and clog my senses, ere we drown.