By Tonny Wandella

Our delusions have wrecked us in many instances,
Thoughts like;
There are no more broken people behind gregarious stints,
And neither are there any voices left in reserved souls.
A times there are only horrid faces projected to dazzling reflections.
Horrid thoughts that are ever brewing behind the smile and smice;
of anxiety and chaos, of pain and loss, frustrations and apathy.
Earnestly try to be kind to all.

Yes they prevail: horrid thoughts, installed eternally in our beings,
Burrowed inside every part of who we used to be, who we are, and what we will ever be.
But cheer up from now henceforth, for there are temporary remedies for these godly ailments.
Religions, philosophy, and some claim rituals too .
Scriptures to console and words to uplift, practices to free and chants to guide.
But why do we need a lot of delusions to kill a delusion? And the circle proves eternal.

Our delusions have crippled us in many instances.
Thoughts like, am always right and they wrong.
I am the victim and they my afflicters.
While fables claim our thoughts are aimless winds: scampering for voids,
And so we need religion and philosophy and rituals,
To harness them: just like the canvas that are sails and vanes of windmills.
Sometimes they soothe us, sometimes we will need them in high doses,
a times they are venom and fuel to our primal savageness.
All in all they will never get rid of our human nature; in the end only death does.

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