By Tonny Wandella

Sway to the tune of your desires dear sweet love.
Say the words that only a heart understands.
Pay me with your stare: in them there is a tiny constellation,
May I busk in your tenderness and naughty giggles.
Way above the sky, let our doubting heads rest.
Yesterday we were drowning; today it is holy: we’ve found repose.
So sway in this moment and let your motion lead us astray,
With you in my embrace we are bound to go faraway.
Let none of our I’ll thoughts present their array.
My dear journey with me today, from midnight to midday,
Till our thirst is quenched and bliss decay.
Pray that we find an eternal sanctuary in all that is fleeting.
Okay, hold my hands and sway,
Away from our dingy woes to Gay peace: a
Ray through a crack; oh! The beaming moon.
Stay; please, in my arms and sway.

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