10 CrossFit Kids Home Workouts to Offer Your Members

By Jonah Krakow

With gyms around the world moving to remote fitness models in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the situation has opened an opportunity to provide new value to your members or even create an entirely new revenue stream for owners: online kid’s programming and coaching.

Children interact differently now than even 5 or 10 years ago. For them, online learning is second nature. That means CrossFit Kids classes taught over group video-conferencing software have a better chance of long-term success compared to adult classes taught the same way.

For stressed parents working from home, an hour of someone else engaging with their kids in a healthy activity can be a big help. And if that person happens to be a trusted coach at the family’s gym, even better. 

Here are 10 CrossFit Kids workouts designed to be completed at home with limited equipment (sports balls, books, brooms, etc.) Hopefully, they’re a jumping-off point for you to create your own successful remote kid’s program. The most important thing to remember is to keep the moves simple and fun, and adjust your expectations in regards to skill, attention span, and ability to follow cues, especially with younger kids. Special thanks to CrossFit Kids Coach Steph Vetro (@stephvisme) for contributing some of her favorite kid’s WODs.

1. Up the Mountain, Down the Mountain

Equipment: Bodyweight

12 min. EMOM
40 Mountain climbers
10 Snake ups
30 Jumping lunges
10 Sit ups
20 Ski jumps
:20 sec Hollow rock hold
Rest 2 min.

2. Jump Around

Equipment: Legs

5 Rounds
Complete each series of moves 5 times
1 jumping squat into 2 jumping lunges into 1 burpee
Rest 1 min.
1 jumping jack into 1 burpee into 1 squat jump
Rest 1 min.
1 broad jump into 1 squat jump into 1 backwards jump

3. Workout Zoo

Equipment: Light dumbbells (2 small water bottles or canned goods can also work)

3 Rounds
:20 sec. Bear Crawl
20 Bunny Hops in place
10 Inchworms
20 Frog Jumps in place
:20 sec. Duck Walk
:20 sec. Seal Crawl (use only arms to pull the body forward)
20 Butterfly Kicks
:20 sec. Crab Walk
10 Flamingo Curls (dumbbell curls with one bent leg raised, 5 each leg)

4. Superheroes!

Equipment: 1 dumbbell/plate/large book/spare Captain America shield

3 Rounds
Each round ends with a different :30 sec. Movement
12 Spider-Man climbs
6 Captain America shield twists
12 Black Widow cossack squats
6 Wonder Woman squat broad jumps
12 Iron-Man push ups
6 Supergirl cartwheels
12 Aquaman scissor kicks
6 The Wasp star jumps

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