25 Low-Cost, High-Value Customer Appreciation Ideas that Pack a Punch (of Gratitude!)

By Stephanie Heitman

Without your customers, your business would be nowhere. You want them to buy from you. But when they do, are you saying thank you?

Today, customers are overwhelmed with almost endless options. Largely the thing that’s driving their decision between one business or another comes down to the customer experience. And feeling appreciated can go a long way in making or breaking the customer experience.

In this post, we’re sharing:

  • Why customer appreciation is so important.
  • 25 customer appreciation ideas to help you build relationships and retain your best customers.
  • 15 customer appreciation quotes to spark some inspiration.

Thank you for reading! (See what I did there?) Let’s get to it.

Why customer appreciation matters

Why does customer appreciation actually matter? Consider these three points:

1. Customer appreciation helps you build customer relationships

The customer experience and building customer relationships are extremely important if you want to create loyal and repeat customers, which is central to growing your business. Thanking your customers for their business—in whatever way you decide works best for you—is an easy and impactful way to build this relationship.

2. Customer appreciation increases retention

It’s a known fact that retaining your customers is more cost-effective than getting new customers. We know that it costs five-25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. So by offering a small gesture (and many of our ideas will cost you little-to-no money) you can yield big returns while increasing customer retention. Sounds like a win to us!

3. Customer appreciation can lead to word-of-mouth marketing

When a customer feels appreciated, they might want to spread the word—either to their friends and family or to their connections on social media. While this isn’t (and shouldn’t be!) the reason to thank your customers for their business, it is an added bonus! Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to get more customers (and it’s free!).

25 customer appreciation ideas (with examples!)

Customer appreciation can go a long way in building relationships, establishing trust, and retaining your customers. Here are some low-cost, high-value customer appreciation ideas to try.

1. Write a thank-you note

Sure, you’re used to thank you emails or texts, but when’s the last time you got a handwritten thank you note? There’s something special about knowing that someone picked out a special card, sat down and wrote you a thank you note, dug up your address from their old address book, and put on a stamp they had to buy at the grocery store.

This is a great customer appreciation idea because it’s personalized to your customers and shows that you care about them so much you took time out of your day to write them a note.

You don’t need to write a thank you note for each and every customer, but you can choose five or 10 of your top customers and thank them for their business. You could even do this exercise monthly so that by the end of the year, you’ve thanked 60-120 customers! Or you could focus on it around specific times of the year—like Thanksgiving or the holidays.

2. Send thank you discounts and specials in your email newsletters

One of the easiest ways to thank customers for their business is to offer a special discount or promotion just for them. You can send an email newsletter to your loyal customers thanking them for their business and for their support. (Make sure to personalize the email with at least the recipient’s name!)

In a heartfelt and personal note, explain your gratitude and then offer a desirable discount or a free offer. Bakeries can hand out free cookies, restaurants can offer a special dessert, and professional services like cleaning companies can offer a discount on the next service.

In addition to sending out an email newsletter, post something on social media to thank your customers. You can even mention that customers will be getting a special discount in their inboxes. This will encourage people to sign up for your newsletter to get exclusive offers and deals.

3. Recognize a customer of the month

Do you have regular customers who are loyal advocates for your business? You might consider highlighting a customer of the month. This could be similar to an employee of the month program but for your most loyal customers.

Perhaps one of your lawn care customers has referred your business to all her neighbors. Or maybe you have a customer who visits your business every week to pick up the latest bakery treat. You can reward these customers with a special title and treats—like exclusive discounts, branded swag, and a free item or service. You can then highlight them on social media, in your email newsletters, and even in your storefront.

This is a fun way to show your customers you notice and are thankful for their support. And it can get other customers excited about the potential of winning this honor the next month!

4. Launch a customer loyalty program

Another way to show customer appreciation is to launch a loyalty program and reward your customers for their business. Your loyalty program could be as simple as a punch or stamp card or as detailed as a tiered program designed to reward your most loyal customers at a higher level than a simple discount.

Determine what would work best for you, your business, and your customers, and then check out our tips for launching a customer loyalty program.

5. Shout out your customers on social media

Another quick and easy way to show customer appreciation is to snap a photo of your loyal customers (with their permission!) and share it on your social sites.

This customer appreciation idea also helps fill your social calendar while giving your customers a little extra exposure—a win all around!

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