How to Write Killer Sales Copy (And See If It’s Working)

By Rob Wells

Sales copy matters more than you might think.

It’s important to supplement your text with images and video, but words on the page have a powerful impact on what consumers do.

A photograph of a smartphone doesn’t tell you its specs. A video about a running shoe can’t attract search traffic without intriguing copy to go with it. You need the copywriting portion of your sales page to compel action.

Unfortunately, far too many marketers don’t know what sales copy is or why it matters. Worse, they write uninspired copy that turns off consumers and gives their competitors the advantage.

As you’ll learn from this guide, writing sales copy isn’t a one-and-done practice. Your copy needs to change and evolve with your target audience, and the only way to know what works is to test it.

Sure, refining and testing copy takes more time. But if it results in more revenue for your business, you’ll want to do it the right way.

What is Sales Copy?

Sales copy is a text that persuades consumers to buy a product or service. You can write sales copy in paragraph form, create lists, or overlay it on an image.

The best sales copy focuses on how the end consumer can benefit from whatever you’re selling.

In many cases, though, sales copy is too dry for consumption. It puts the reader to sleep. While you don’t need to turn your sales page into the next techno-thriller novel, you should play with language and voice to give visitors a reason to keep reading.

The goal of sales copy is to convince the visitor to buy your product or service. It needs to present what you’re selling in such an attractive light that the consumer can’t say “no.”

Easier said than done.

Where many marketers go wrong with sales copy is allowing the product or service to speak for itself. If the consumer hasn’t worn a pair of your shoes or tried your service, they don’t have a frame of reference.

Consequently, you need to reach them on an emotional, visceral level and tap into their desire for what you’re selling. This means hitting pain points, calling out qualities that beat the competition, and appealing to your target demographic.

How to Write Killer Sales Copy – The Best Tips

Many people mistakenly believe that design alone sells products. That’s not true. Sales copy is essential for helping consumers make educated decisions and for highlighting the top benefits your target audience can enjoy by investing in what you’re selling.

Yes, design matters. However, without sales copy, it won’t produce revenue for your business.

We’ve come up with the best tips for producing eye-catching, persuasive, engaging sales copy, whether you’re selling sneakers or a SaaS product. You can use these strategies to learn how to write copy that sells, wripen existing sales copy or to start over from scratch.

For demonstration purposes, we’ll use a fictitious company that sells HVAC products and services.

1. Choose one focus

Your target audience has one specific pain point, one goal, one desire. They might have secondary pain points, goals, and desires, but you need to focus on one to send the point home.

A prospective HVAC customer whose air conditioning system has begun to fail might have one of many pain points:

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