How to Foster Creativity in Your Young Ones During Holidays

With the holidays here with us, it can be difficult to think of ways to keep your young ones entertained. Whether you’re looking for something fun and creative, or educational and hands-on, it’s important to find activities that will keep their minds active during the break. Here are some ideas on how to foster creativity in your young ones during the holidays.

Games and Puzzles

Games and puzzles provide a great way for young ones to pass the time and remain engaged. Board games like Monopoly or Scrabble are great for teaching children about numbers and strategies, while jigsaw puzzles help stimulate problem solving skills by encouraging kids to think critically about how each piece fits together. For younger children, you can find simple preschool games that focus on letter recognition, colour matching, and other basic skills.

Art Projects

Nothing inspires creativity like art! Art projects can be anything from drawing with crayons and markers to painting with watercolours or making things out of clay. This is an amazing way for kids to express themselves while engaging their minds in new ways. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune; all you need is paper or canvas, a few craft supplies (crayons, paintbrushes, clay), and some imagination!

Creative Writing Exercises

Creative writing exercises are perfect for young writers who want to flex their writing muscles over the holidays. You can start off with basic exercises such as asking them what they would do if they had magic powers or giving them a prompt such as “write about a day at the beach”. As they get older and more experienced at writing stories, you can assign larger projects like creating a short book or play based on a particular theme or character trait. Not only will these exercises help keep their minds active during the holidays but it could also potentially spark an interest in writing which could last into adulthood.

Explore new places.

Going on an adventure is a great way to encourage creativity; whether it’s visiting nearby nature spots, amusement parks, historical sites, or simply exploring a new part of town, getting outside and into new places helps stimulate ideas and foster creativity in young minds.

Read books together

Reading is an excellent way to foster creativity in children; not only does it help expand vocabulary and knowledge, but hearing stories can also serve as inspiration for creating one’s own storylines. Set aside time each day for reading as part of your holiday routine – you might even learn something too.

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