A Conversation With a Dark Foe

By Tonny Wandella

Depression, you again depression! You sneak in like a thief, Stealing some of my joy and peace and hope, Leaving only grief. You wrap yourself around me, A heavy cloak of blue, Dragging me down to the depths, Where I cannot break through.

Your darkness seeps in like a creeping vine, Wrapping its tendrils around my mind, Choking the light, drowning out the sun, Till all that’s left is a heavy heart, undone. The weight of the world is on my shoulders, And I cannot seem to shake it off, It’s a never-ending cycle of pain, And I’m trapped in this eternal suffocating cough.

The tears flow like rivers down my cheeks, As I scream out in silent despair, No one can hear me, no one can see, That I’m suffocating, gasping for air. In this abyss of darkness, I am alone, With nothing but my thoughts and fears, And I cannot find a way out, So I sit here, lost in my tears.

You make me doubt my worth, And question all I do, You tell me lies and whispers, That I am not worth pursuing. But I know I am strong, And I will fight this war, I will not let you defeat me, Depression, I am more.

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