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9 Steps to Help You Become a Visionary Leader at Work

By Life Coach Spotter It’s clear that being a leader requires a host of strong leadership skills. But what do you need to become a visionary leader? The adjective ‘visionary’ stands for a group of features reserved for the most insightful of business gurus, but these qualities are all within your reach. Here are 9 stepsContinue reading “9 Steps to Help You Become a Visionary Leader at Work”


By Tonny Wandella And my wool grew scruffy and ruggedAnd there slipped a lice; part of my unrest.It craved a portion of me; I gave it two,It craved it also, gladly I gave it too.Before it lain me bare on a high alter of its gluttonous parade.Looking forward to my glistening toasty thighs,But I suggestedContinue reading ONE IN EVERY DROVE

How to Be an Amazing Mentor in 10 Ways, according to HubSpot Managers

Written by Martina Bretous @martinabretous Take a minute to think about the best mentor you’ve ever had. It could be your manager, a colleague, a parent, a friend, a coach, a college professor. Then, you reach a point in your life where you have the chance to do the same for someone else. It can be bothContinue reading “How to Be an Amazing Mentor in 10 Ways, according to HubSpot Managers”

Building A Strong Mental Stamina and Toughness

By Conquror Team Every athlete, businessperson, or motivated individual requires mental toughness as a critical quality to succeed. A study found that greater mental toughness was linked to a lower perception of stress, less depressive symptoms, and more life satisfaction. But how can one strengthen their mind? Mental strength is a measure of how resilient as wellContinue reading Building A Strong Mental Stamina and Toughness


By Tonny Wandella Devious jitters jostle through a quite jungle,Marching through; and the lucid moment is half gone.Now deep in chaos a valued breath turns to a mortal dream.Hurry, come and identify the ache; its form is ever changing.And once at a bruised end, there is an afternoon full of eerie stillness. A cleaved andContinue reading CHAOS AND REPOSE


By Tonny Wandella A coat cover’ my worn shouldersWhile I hover above a field of filth,A piece of stick to pick my teeth,Trying to get rid of these plaques of death;And still striving to find pieces of me.And I spit and am gone.To whatever place I dream of but not home.These are wretched thoughts, stampsContinue reading BONFIRE

Marketing Hacks for Small Business: How to Achieve Growth

In the current fast-paced economic world, competition is stiffer, and there is no room for error, especially for small businesses. You must always be on the lookout for every chance to get your venture into the spotlight. Unfortunately, the current market and customer base are designed to put in the same marketing efforts as theContinue reading “Marketing Hacks for Small Business: How to Achieve Growth”


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