Night Sky

By Tonny WandellaI reign over a vast kingdom in a riddle.A kingdom beyond the wind beneath a void,Within the twilight glaze.I lay aptly in a cradle of wishes and calm;Perhaps, listening to the murmurs of whistling pines and restless crickets.And blink while the naked lids beg me,To draw the drapes upon my dome.And sure, hereContinue reading “Night Sky”


By Tonny Wandella Satisfaction impedes hunger and colors any feign.When their bellies run dry; they commence to flogYou to a noose; then hand you to teeth: such task they deign.Be gallant; however, let the axe split the log.Saunter ahead, and sing a brave song,Feed such beasts; but never run out of meat.For they won’t waitContinue reading “Beasts”


Mornings are full of hunters, But we prey; We prey, lodged under a cloud of anticipation, but mornings are vicious and full of confusion, Cast upon us are seeds of our sins. But we prey; Before we become brace in a hunter’s bloody grip. We browse and gnaw, Until nothing palatable is left; So weContinue reading “A STRAND OF BRACE”


By Tonny Wandella To quench my huff; I should tell you then; the wild is better.It is better now that you have staved away despair stirred by the unknown.Valiantly, my quest has led me back to that single tear,Where I have been searching in the most beautiful pasts.Skimpy places I shunned; places that now dangleContinue reading A SILENT BANTER


By Tonny Wandella Open your doors, feral requests to return; Home to your warmth and wheedling geste. I knew you had set a banquet, For your lonely self and the empty chair: It that was once my throne and its shadow, A faithful subject that always linger. While you reigned, you reigned without my teasesContinue reading FERAL


By Tonny Wandella I remember, pangs of the aftermath have forced me to…As if it would be quenched, I dipped my flute in a glass of beaming yellow hues.Which refracted away its soulful stead; and found it rather hefty and pensive.It was clogged with honey: the same remedy only bitter.As it drenched my tongue whichContinue reading A FLUTE IN WHISKY


By Tonny Wandella Two bats search the mighty night.With their echoes of equal might,And just like a lantern for light;They follow their echoes: their only sight.Curiosity comes and grows and the night they fight.They avoid the succulent and wilt,But sleepy ants are victims of this plight.Whoever is spared cowers and wait,While two bats reign tonight.ForContinue reading “ECHO”

The Pyramid of Krakow

By Michael Swanwick The man who got off the coach from Bern—never an easy trip but made doubly uncomfortable thanks to the rigors and delays of war—had a harsh and at first sight intimidating face. But once one took in his small black-glass spectacles and realized he was blind, pity bestowed upon him a softerContinue reading The Pyramid of Krakow

A Kippled Meal

By Daniel Polansky and Lawrence M. Schoen The night was dark, and the storm as fierce and hard as you would ever hope to watch from inside the comfort of your bedroom, lying beneath something warm with someone warm beside you. The rain fell in bowls, in basins, in buckets, in old-fashioned claw-footed bird baths. Though itContinue reading A Kippled Meal

Lullaby for a Lost World

By Aliette de Bodard Charlotte died to shore up her master’s house. Her bones grew into the foundation and pushed up through the walls, feeding his power and continuing the cycle. As time passes and the ones she loved fade away, the house and the master remain, and she yearns ever more deeply for vengeance. They bury youContinue reading Lullaby for a Lost World