By Kirstyn McDermott After marrying the prince and having her own child, Snow White visits her stepmother—promising to kill her in ever more horrible ways, at the same time attempting to stay away from the mirror that started it all. I shall drown you in the river where the willows grow. Their branches will reachContinue reading Triquetra

Nine Last Days on Planet Earth

By Daryl Gregory When the seeds rained down from deep space, it may have been the first stage of an alien invasion—or something else entirely. How much time do we have left, and do we even understand what timescale to use? As a slow apocalypse blooms across the Earth, planets and plants, animals and microbes,Continue reading Nine Last Days on Planet Earth

Loss of Signal

By S.B. Divya Toby Benson has a chance to make history. The first mind to circle the moon without a body in tow. It’s a golden opportunity, perhaps the only chance for a 19-year-old whose body failed him to become immortal. But as he reaches the dark side of the moon and loses signal fromContinue reading Loss of Signal

No Flight Without the Shatter

By Brooke Bolander From the wondrous mind of Brooke Bolander, the author of The Only Harmless Great Thing, who “shares literary DNA with Le Guin” (John Scalzi). After the world’s end, the last young human learns a final lesson from Earth’s remaining animals. Pretend you are the land. Pretend you are a place far away, theContinue reading No Flight Without the Shatter


By Kathleen Ann Goonan In war-torn Kurdistan, a group of traumatized orphans is given a gift that could change their lives and the lives of everyone in the world, while in Washington, DC, an elderly woman undergoes medical procedures that radically change her life. Vida ZilanKurdistan My brother struggles as I crush him to myContinue reading One/Zero

Blue Morphos in the Garden

By Lis Mitchell When Vivian and her daughter witness the family matriarch die without leaving a corpse, Vivian can no longer ignore the family “gift” or the choice that lies before her. I am elbows-deep in dishwater and morning sunlight when Lily brings me the news. “Gray-Granna’s down by the river,” Lily says. “She’s turningContinue reading Blue Morphos in the Garden

The Hundredth House Had No Walls

By Laurie Penny The King was bored. For five hundred years he had been King of the country of Myth and Shadow, and he was a good king, if a slightly bewildered one. The countryside rolled with treacherous forests rammed full of all the requisite enchanted creatures, and stories grew wild and weird in theContinue reading The Hundredth House Had No Walls

In Xanadu

By Lavie Tidhar Security through physicality. Security through redundancy. Security through obscurity. How do immortal artificial intelligences defend themselves? With an air gap. With a security force that has no connection to anything that can harm them. With a young woman, trained to fight and to die who, along with her cohort must keep themContinue reading In Xanadu

How to Negotiate With your Cable Company

By Cable Compare This article will help get value for your money when it comes to your family entertainment. Negotiating with your cable company and striking a great deal will help you save some money while you still enjoy the same packages that are seemingly expensive. Read more Post on the Spirit of EnterpriseContinue reading “How to Negotiate With your Cable Company”

Berlin Is Never Berlin

By Marko Kloos For over 25 years, the Wild Cards universe has been entertaining readers with stories of superpowered people in an alternate history. “Berlin is Never Berlin” by Marko Kloos draws upon the seedier side of the city, beyond the dance club lights and all-night parties, as one bodyguard with a certain feline distinctionContinue reading Berlin Is Never Berlin