Stoic Mindfulness (With an audio version) Shared this powerful piece on their website. I had to share it once again. I believe the essay was originally written by Dr. Chuck Chakrapani. It explores the stoicism philosophy which can be of much use in our day to day life. By Dr. Chuck Chakrapani Mindfulness is not a standard Stoic term, butContinue reading “Stoic Mindfulness (With an audio version)”


Peeping into the only open window in the entire cityWhilst its shutters clanged and flapped in the cool intruding breeze,And the gossamer veil swayed with an animated elegance.They had been longing for a moment right; this was the night.And the last candle braved the breezeJust to watch them plunge into an enthrall oblivion.Its glowing crownContinue reading “THE LAST CANDLE”


Two bats search the mighty night.With their echoes of equal might,And just like a lantern for light;They follow their echoes: their only sight.Curiosity comes and grows and the night they fight.They avoid the succulent and wilt,But sleepy ants are victims of this plight.Whoever is spared cowers and wait,While two bats reign tonight.For no eagle noContinue reading “ECHO”


An afternoon and the nimbus were impatient.And there was non of that humble gentle breeze.By the soaking window,I think I saw you gazing through a crowd of fog.A little shiver and the leaves left the branches.From meandering rills to screaming gales: it was dreadful,But you stared deep into the eyes of lighting.I think you wereContinue reading “NIMBUS”


Life and its constant vicissitudes are hailed.Aboard, we journey all in privation and mindless hassles,Seeking but only one taste; a quick nibble of euphoria,In whichever flavor it is offered, euphoria it is. Euphoria it is then, a therapeutic bathIt serenades you with reposeAnd stroke your body and soul with subtle volts.It is a sweet music,Continue reading “EUPHORIA IT IS”


Sway to the tune of your desires dear sweet love.Say the words that only a heart understands.Pay me with your stare: in them there is a tiny constellation,May I busk in your tenderness and naughty giggles.Way above the sky, let our doubting heads rest.Yesterday we were drowning; today it is holy: we’ve found repose.So swayContinue reading “SWAY”


And our hearts were like birds, Nevertheless tamed; but never caged. Free in flight and living in our endless frequency of glide. Bending time looking for a harmonious stream, Where little wishes gather by a lone stone; Their precious haven naked in clear waters. Did we wade, did we dive? Yes we did, into theContinue reading “IMMORTAL RIBBON”


I remember, pangs of the aftermath have forced me to…As if it would be quenched, I dipped my flute in a glass of beaming yellow hues.Which refracted away its soulful stead; and found it rather hefty and pensive.It was clogged with honey: the same remedy only bitter.As it drenched my tongue which bribed my bluesContinue reading “A FLUTE IN WHISKY”


She sits under the shade of passion.A nemesis to the toppled pedestal that lies in relief besides her amongst leaves.As the day sails away, her floral blouse ripples to the hint of wind.Illuminated in her repose; isn’t she beautiful? Her lucid features pressed solemnly against the stem of bliss.Her coy eyes fixed on the leafWhichContinue reading “SHE THAT LINGERS”


To quench my huff; I should tell you then; the wild is better.It is better now that you have staved away despair stirred by the unknown.Valiantly, my quest has led me back to that single tear,Where I have been searching in the most beautiful pasts.Skimpy places I shunned; places that now dangle before my starvingContinue reading “A SILENT BANTER”