Your ultimate guide on how to be a good storyteller

By Madeline Miles We crave connection.  Human connection brings us so many physical, mental, and emotional well-being benefits. And while there are plenty of ways to connect with one another, one art form stands out: storytelling.  Storytelling is one of the most ancient art forms, with history’s oldest known fictional story dating back to the third millennium B.C. Stories haveContinue reading “Your ultimate guide on how to be a good storyteller”


By Tonny Wandella Our delusions have wrecked us in many instances,Thoughts like;There are no more broken people behind gregarious stints,And neither are there any voices left in reserved souls.A times there are only horrid faces projected to dazzling reflections.Horrid thoughts that are ever brewing behind the smile and smice;of anxiety and chaos, of pain andContinue reading EMOTIONALLY RIGHT: ETERNALLY FLAWED


By Tonny Wandella Clear but brownConfined to sprawled banksAlways rolling down hillDeep as it sinks; even deeper than the seaSpacious-a glance into spaceI see myself in the brownNot my reflection; a simple section of my soulIn the sun it glows when it’s cold it still trotDeep into these waters I want to plungeHold my breathContinue reading BROWN RIVER


By Tonny Wandella And my wool grew scruffy and ruggedAnd there slipped a lice; part of my unrest.It craved a portion of me; I gave it two,It craved it also, gladly I gave it too.Before it lain me bare on a high alter of its gluttonous parade.Looking forward to my glistening toasty thighs,But I suggestedContinue reading ONE IN EVERY DROVE


By Tonny Wandella Devious jitters jostle through a quite jungle,Marching through; and the lucid moment is half gone.Now deep in chaos a valued breath turns to a mortal dream.Hurry, come and identify the ache; its form is ever changing.And once at a bruised end, there is an afternoon full of eerie stillness. A cleaved andContinue reading CHAOS AND REPOSE


To quench my huff; I should tell you then; the wild is better.It is better now that you have staved away despair stirred by the unknown.Valiantly, my quest has led me back to that single tear,Where I have been searching in the most beautiful pasts.Skimpy places I shunned; places that now dangle before my starvingContinue reading A SILENT BANTER

How to Cure Writer’s Block: 23 Proven Ideas that Actually Work

BY HERMAN WILKINS The fact is that almost every writer faces writer’s block at some point in their career. Deadlines, storylines or even airlines can be the cause of this intellectual affliction. Writer’s block is real and can greatly affect your output. But, every writer of note has willed themselves out of this mental stupor. Writer’sContinue reading “How to Cure Writer’s Block: 23 Proven Ideas that Actually Work”


By Tonny Wandella There is a nude wall somewhere with a picture of us.Within the confines of this broken frame we reside frozen.And time will not startle us it seems: we became the rolling stoneWhen we posed lazily moments before that inept shutter,Which immersed us into the flooding flash,And curved a memory out of aContinue reading VIVID PICTURE


By Tonny Wandella Nails and thoughts want to fix you.Birds and bees weep for your lost splendor.Yours measly glory falls like withering leaves,And it is the dust on my head that makes mePray for a storm.Neither water nor my sweat can replenish you.Your thorns are prominent: in time am pricked.My puckered brow is a mangledContinue reading WEATHERING GARLAND