Book review: The Candy House By Jennifer Egan

By Book Browse  From one of the most celebrated writers of our time, a literary figure with cult status, a “sibling novel” to her Pulitzer Prize- and ​NBCC Award-winning A Visit from the Goon Squad – an electrifying, deeply moving novel about the quest for authenticity and meaning in a world where memories and identities are noContinue reading “Book review: The Candy House By Jennifer Egan”


By Tonny Wandella I remember, pangs of the aftermath have forced me to…As if it would be quenched, I dipped my flute in a glass of beaming yellow hues.Which refracted away its soulful stead; and found it rather hefty and pensive.It was clogged with honey: the same remedy only bitter.As it drenched my tongue whichContinue reading “A FLUTE IN WHISKY”

Many People Knew People

What use is left of bones picked off meat?And of days heart to heart yet vain.So many people locked themselves inside an indifferent nostalgia,And buried the key in a deep-sea so selfish.Yes, prisoners of past moments.Beyond their curses and blessings,Many people met people in those glory nightsFull of illusion. And broken people met a wholeContinue reading “Many People Knew People”


By Tonny Wandella She that lingers like an immortal ancient fable,When trees undress their worn leaves and cloth us in velvet decay.I have to let her hide her sentinel ways in my vacant stare.The difference between her tears and the rain is the subtle warmth. I linger, but in haste: hurrying to procure her oneContinue reading “WHEN WE LINGER”


By Tonny Wandella Devious jitters jostle through a quiet jungle,Marching through, and the lucid moment is half gone.Now deep in chaos, a valued breath turns into a mortal dream.Hurry, come and identify the ache; its form is ever-changing.And once at a bruised end, there is an afternoon full of eerie stillness. A cleaved and tiredContinue reading “CHAOS AND REPOSE”


By Tonny Wandella There is a nude wall somewhere with a picture of us.Within the confines of this broken frame we reside frozen.And time will not startle us it seems: we became the rolling stoneWhen we posed lazily moments before that inept shutter,Which immersed us into the flooding flash,And curved a memory out of aContinue reading “VIVID PICTURE”


By Tonny Wandella Two bats search the mighty night.With their echoes of equal might,And just like a lantern for light;They follow their echoes: their only sight.Curiosity comes and grows and the night they fight.They avoid the succulent and wilt,But sleepy ants are victims of this plight.Whoever is spared cowers and wait,While two bats reign tonight.ForContinue reading “ECHO”


By Tonny Wandella It is time, the world needs to be saved.And the grail has found a home in shaking hands,Hoisted above a new found murmur.For these riddles makes them all thirsty.‘Can’t you see the halo? Call for a truce!’‘It’s only a kiss, I will find my way out through the noose.Maybe I will drownContinue reading “HOLY GRAIL”


By Tonny Wandella Haunting giggles of ancient saints locked up in sculptors,Or the blessed aura flecked with confessed sinsOf forgiven flocks, are all housed in an empty cathedral near town.Whose bell has a gong that makes the town hide away all its weekly mischief.I remember seeing breadcrumps being hoarded away byRelentless ants,Clearing a forlorn alterContinue reading “EMPTY CATHEDRAL”