Workplace Spirituality: What It Is And How To Foster It

By Vantage Circle As human beings, we tend to focus more on the physical and material aspects of life than spiritual issues. We are so engrossed in the former that we barely find the time to think about the latter. But it is essential to know that we can only find unconditional happiness and peaceContinue reading “Workplace Spirituality: What It Is And How To Foster It”

Best Way To Make Use Of A Bad Situation

By Tonny Wandella The fact is that many of those who have succeeded in life have, at some point—possibly more than once—made the decision to accept failure and not allow it to hold us back. After a long day, we could all use a refreshing drink of lemonade rather than a sour lemon. Here areContinue reading “Best Way To Make Use Of A Bad Situation”

8 Habits of People Who Thrive in Crisis

By Margie Warrell As a kid, my dad sometimes took me fishing in his small rusty tin boat. Sometimes, in the middle of the lake, he’d put duct tape over a leak to keep the water at bay until we got back to shore. He used to say that boats don’t sink from the water around them. TheyContinue reading “8 Habits of People Who Thrive in Crisis”

Habits That Build Confidence

By Tonny Wandella Everyone admires someone who is self-assured. Something about the way they hold themselves, the way they speak, and the self-assured coolness with which they act attracts us to them. They entice us. They enchant and inspire us. The goal is to recognise the difference between genuine and phoney self-assurance. The former isContinue reading “Habits That Build Confidence”

9 Healthy Ways of Coping With PTSD Anxiety

By Matthew Tull, PhD  People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often struggle with frequent and intense symptoms of anxiety. These strong symptoms of anxiety often lead people with PTSD to rely on unhealthy ways of coping, such as through drug or alcohol use.1 Fortunately, there are a number of healthy ways of coping with anxiety. These strategies may help reduceContinue reading “9 Healthy Ways of Coping With PTSD Anxiety”

The Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Life

By Remez Sasson What is positive thinking and how can we define it? Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on optimistic and positive thoughts and expects positive results. It is a mindset that looks on the bright side of life and anticipates happiness, health and success. It is an optimistic state of mind.Continue reading “The Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Life”

Conquering An Anxious Mind.

By Mark Weeks Your mind will never improve by chance, you must keep it in shape, like a muscle – it must be worked positively, nourished and rested often. And, your life long quest is to remain vigilant to what you let enter into it. That is, if you wish to live with reduced anxiety,Continue reading “Conquering An Anxious Mind.”

How To Free Yourself From Mental Slavery

By Mark weeks Napoleon Bonaparte once wrote, ‘The human race is governed by its imagination.’ I’m pretty confident in stating, he believed the majority of people possessed poor imaginations. And, for many people today their imaginations are still not good government. The ‘imagination’ quickly becomes a dictator, and an unnecessary instrument for their own failings.Continue reading “How To Free Yourself From Mental Slavery”

Ways to Use Mindfulness During Your Grief

By Tonny Wandella Mindfulness practice is not intended to alleviate pain or persuade others that everything is OK; rather, it is intended to assist you in recognising the reality of your situation in a nonjudgmental and loving manner. Mindfulness can develop into a way of life, but it takes time. Let’s look at some waysContinue reading “Ways to Use Mindfulness During Your Grief”

20 Little Things That Make You Gain Fat

The average person gains one to two pounds (0.5 to 1 kg) every year (1Trusted Source). Although that number seems small, that could equal an extra 10 to 20 pounds (4.5 to 9 kg) per decade. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help prevent this sneaky weight gain. However, it’s often the little things thatContinue reading “20 Little Things That Make You Gain Fat”