Things That Will Weaken Your Memory Power

By Tonny Wandella It turns out that there are several subtle ways in which your memory may be failing. Some are related to harmful behaviours like smoking or eating habits. Others rely on your mental well-being. The following are some of the more prevalent factors that might impair memory: Medications. Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs might affect memoryContinue reading Things That Will Weaken Your Memory Power

Boost your Memory for Exams.

By Tonny Wandella Whether you’re taking an exam for professional certification or a university degree, exam time will typically bring stress to us. Exams can put your achievement-related emotions to the test and can impair your cognitive function. What if, though, you could improve your memory, your exam performance, and your stress levels as result? As weContinue reading Boost your Memory for Exams.

What Makes Our Brain Sharp

By Domi Bosibori Everyone might have experienced the “senior moment” now and again. Perhaps you walk into the kitchen for no apparent reason, or you forget your keys. While these mental mishaps might be annoying, they rarely cause us to contact the doctor. According to research, you may boost your brain’s reserves and lower your risk of dementia byContinue reading What Makes Our Brain Sharp

The Ongoing Struggle of Mind Training

By Tonny Wandella Our mind and emotions seem to be in constant conflict with one another. Conflict on the outside is terrible enough, but internal conflict can be far more disastrous to you as a person. Our ability to experience and express love and appreciation brings a lot of joy to the world. Emotion is a trulyContinue reading The Ongoing Struggle of Mind Training

5 Steps to Handling a Crisis Like a Boss

By Paul Blanchard  It’s wonderful when everything in your business runs smoothly. You know those days — sales targets get smashed, you win new business and an IT upgrade actually finishes on time. But, we often learn more about ourselves and our businesses in times of trouble. I sincerely hope your crisis never happens. But if it does,Continue reading “5 Steps to Handling a Crisis Like a Boss”

Try these two smart techniques to help you master your emotions

By Lisa Feldman Barrett PhD By more clearly identifying our feelings or by recategorizing them, we can reduce suffering (yes!) and increase well-being, says neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett. “He’s an angry person”; “I’m a very anxious person.” We’ve all made statements like these. They point towards the belief that emotions are hardwired in our brainsContinue reading “Try these two smart techniques to help you master your emotions”

Bob Proctor: 6 powerful lessons to improve your life

BY IULIA-CRISTINA UȚĂ He was a coach, mentor, successful speaker and the author of the New York Times bestseller You were born rich. As a young man, in the sixties, Bob had low self-confidence and little ambition. His prospects of success were clouded. Until one day when Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow rich fell into his lap. ItContinue reading “Bob Proctor: 6 powerful lessons to improve your life”

9 Foods That Help or Hurt Anxiety

By Beth W. Orenstein Looking for food that helps with anxiety? Studies have shown that some foods make us feel calmer while other foods can act as stimulants — at least temporarily. If you experience stress that results in anxiety or panic attacks, making some modifications to your diet may give anxiety help and relief. Stress describes the many demandsContinue reading “9 Foods That Help or Hurt Anxiety”

Building resilience: 8 books to help kids face challenges

By The Understood Team Want to help kids build resilience? This trait helps kids learn from setbacks and move forward. One way you can teach resilience is by using books. When kids read or hear stories of how others face challenges, they learn from seeing resilience in action. To help you get started, we asked our UnderstoodContinue reading “Building resilience: 8 books to help kids face challenges”

Could mindfulness online training boost productivity at work?

by Christina Pavlou The pandemic has had a big effect on employee wellbeing, and mental health is an increasingly important topic in most organizations. In a recent study, 30% of Gen Z workers reported difficulty coping with stress and pressure at work, and half of the respondents said they want mental health training. You can help increaseContinue reading “Could mindfulness online training boost productivity at work?”