Top 9 Plants that Provide Oxygen

Author: Tanya Sood  With the rising level of pollutions, the air around is deteriorating day by day. This increases the chances of diseases like asthma, sinus, bronchitis, and many other breathing problems. While the government and other health regulatory bodies are working on the best possible solutions, individuals have to take steps in control to helpContinue reading “Top 9 Plants that Provide Oxygen”

Willow Water: DIY Rooting Hormone for Your New Cuttings

Stephanie is the creator of Garden Therapy, where you will find hundreds of garden-related projects, crafts, and recipes to help you live a better life through plants. As a certified plant lover, I am always looking to grow more plants as quickly as I can. A rooting hormone is an excellent way to encourage newContinue reading “Willow Water: DIY Rooting Hormone for Your New Cuttings”

How to Dehydrate Cilantro In The Oven

Mavis Butterfield is an amazing blogger who’s niche is home gardening. He mostly share his expertise on his website One dollar a month. We have more cilantro than we can use right now {even after giving some away to the neighbors} and so rather than tossing the surplus onto the compost heap, I decided toContinue reading “How to Dehydrate Cilantro In The Oven”