What Makes One a Great Communicator

By Conqueror Team Excellent communication skills are valuable in all professions. Being a good communicator can help you enhance your work connections and productivity. According to Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, most people listen with the aim of responding rather than learning. And we do it all theContinue reading What Makes One a Great Communicator

Your ultimate guide on how to be a good storyteller

By Madeline Miles We crave connection.  Human connection brings us so many physical, mental, and emotional well-being benefits. And while there are plenty of ways to connect with one another, one art form stands out: storytelling.  Storytelling is one of the most ancient art forms, with history’s oldest known fictional story dating back to the third millennium B.C. Stories haveContinue reading “Your ultimate guide on how to be a good storyteller”

Why Self-Discipline Is Our Doorway To Success

By Conqueror Team “The first and greatest victory is to conquer self.” –Plato How do some people manage to stay consistent, focused, devoted, and driven to accomplish their goals while other people seem to lose interest over time? Do they have special abilities, characteristics, or strengths that we mere mortals lack? Simply put, no. TheyContinue reading “Why Self-Discipline Is Our Doorway To Success”

Loneliness, Isolation and Mental Health

By Tonny Wandella Since the dawn of time, loneliness has existed as a phenomenon that we all encounter. Every single one of us experiences it occasionally, and it can happen amid life transitions like the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or a relocation to a new place. Researchers refer to this type of loneliness asContinue reading Loneliness, Isolation and Mental Health

How to Be an Amazing Mentor in 10 Ways, according to HubSpot Managers

Written by Martina Bretous @martinabretous Take a minute to think about the best mentor you’ve ever had. It could be your manager, a colleague, a parent, a friend, a coach, a college professor. Then, you reach a point in your life where you have the chance to do the same for someone else. It can be bothContinue reading “How to Be an Amazing Mentor in 10 Ways, according to HubSpot Managers”

How To Help Someone with Memory Loss

by Conqueror Team Caring for somebody with memory loss is a trying experience for the patient’s family and friends. Memory issues can make it difficult for older persons to remember cherished moments, as well as make practical, day-to-day duties such as adhering to medication regimes and making appointments difficult. A family caregiver must learn as much asContinue reading How To Help Someone with Memory Loss

#8. Daily Something……….. Something…………

By according2meok.wordpress.com Only One Chance Sometimes you get only one chance…… * One chance to put aside your pride and say humbly: “I was wrong” or “it was my fault”. * One chance explain a misunderstanding that if ignored, would sour a friendship. * One chance to hear what other has to tell you. * One chance to defend a friend, when slightingContinue reading “#8. Daily Something……….. Something…………”

Dangers of Oversleeping

By Conqueror Team Over the course of your lifetime, you can experience significant changes in how much sleep you require. Your age, amount of exercise, overall health, and way of living all play a role in this. You could have a greater need for sleep, for instance, during times of stress or sickness. However, despiteContinue reading Dangers of Oversleeping

Try these two smart techniques to help you master your emotions

By Lisa Feldman Barrett PhD By more clearly identifying our feelings or by recategorizing them, we can reduce suffering (yes!) and increase well-being, says neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett. “He’s an angry person”; “I’m a very anxious person.” We’ve all made statements like these. They point towards the belief that emotions are hardwired in our brainsContinue reading “Try these two smart techniques to help you master your emotions”


By Alice Nuttall With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, the end of their parents’ relationship is a reality very familiar for many children. Whether the process of divorce is straightforward or complicated, it’s a difficult time in a child’s life, bringing up complex feelings and often requiring a change in their day-to-day routines asContinue reading “11 THOUGHTFUL DIVORCE BOOKS FOR KIDS”