Potbellied Pigs for pet (With audio Version)

Potbellied pigs may be wonderful, clever, and loving pets. However, they are not suitable as pets for everyone. Without a question, a potbellied pig can be a much-loved addition to a family if properly cared for and trained. Some people, however, are unaware of the demands of keeping pigs as pets and are burdened byContinue reading “Potbellied Pigs for pet (With audio Version)”

4 most common pig diseases worldwide

Symptoms, treatments and preventative measures for the four most common diseases in pre-weaning, post-weaning and in breeding animals worldwide. All staff working with the pigs should be able to spot the symptoms of common diseases and alert the manager or veterinarian, as appropriate. Treating pigs quickly with suitable medication is the next step. Prevention is obviously betterContinue reading “4 most common pig diseases worldwide”

What Time of Day Should You Feed Your Dog? (With audio version)

This is an article By Jennifer Nelson Does it matter if you feed your dog once or twice a day? What about at a certain time? It’s 6 p.m. and your pup has been giving you side-eye for the past five minutes. He knows it’s time for supper, and he’s giving you a not-so-subtle reminder. NoContinue reading “What Time of Day Should You Feed Your Dog? (With audio version)”

How to adopt a dog: our tips for success!

This is an article from Tractive on effective ways of going about dog adoption. Adopting a dog from a shelter is a big decision – know what you need to consider and the steps to take to ensure a successful adoption. So, you think you’re ready to adopt a new furry friend – a dogContinue reading “How to adopt a dog: our tips for success!”

4 tips for being more flexible and adaptable (With audio version)

Simon T. Bailey teaches influencers how to change the world. He is the creator of The Shift System, which shows you how to increase your personal and business results. This is based on his latest book, “Shift Your Brilliance – Harness the Power of You, Inc.” To stay competitive, businesses today must change and conformContinue reading “4 tips for being more flexible and adaptable (With audio version)”

4 Ways to Get Pet Hair Under Control

Our furry friends are like members of the family—we love them dearly, but the fur they shed when summer rolls around? Not so much. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology explains that too much pet dander and hair in the air can aggravate allergies—especially in the areas of the house where pets areContinue reading “4 Ways to Get Pet Hair Under Control”

What to Do When Your Dog Dies

When a dog dies it can be an incredibly sad time for owners, and it can be difficult to know what to do. Make sure you’re prepared during this upsetting time with our essential guide. The death of a beloved pet is an incredibly sad time for owners. Whether your dog dies naturally at homeContinue reading “What to Do When Your Dog Dies”

Tips for your Puppy’s Hygiene Training

The best way to train your puppy or adult dog to not get the house dirty is through crate training. However, bearing in mind that you can’t keep an eye on your dog all the time, perhaps the best option is a combination of crate training and paper training. It is important that you spendContinue reading “Tips for your Puppy’s Hygiene Training”