Tips for your Puppy’s Hygiene Training

The best way to train your puppy or adult dog to not get the house dirty is through crate training. However, bearing in mind that you can’t keep an eye on your dog all the time, perhaps the best option is a combination of crate training and paper training. It is important that you spendContinue reading “Tips for your Puppy’s Hygiene Training”

The story of Paul Ronk: Raising Pigs On Moringa Leaves

Raising pigs on moringa leaves is a system developed by missionary Paul Ronk in Jeremie, Haiti. Some people object to raising pigs because “pigs eat people food” and compete with humans. Paul tested and introduced a new feeding system based on moringa and leucaena leaves. Every pig in Haiti was killed in 1981 because ofContinue reading “The story of Paul Ronk: Raising Pigs On Moringa Leaves”

Human and Dog Brains Both Have Dedicated “Voice Areas”

Our social environment is complete with voices. A vital characteristic of the auditory mind is sound, and how we experience it. No surprise then that the human brain is especially tuned to voices. But, why would it exclude other animals? Well, until now we knew almost nothing it. This is the primary time we shouldContinue reading “Human and Dog Brains Both Have Dedicated “Voice Areas””

How Much Do You Need To Feed Your Pig?

Understanding Feed conversion ratio (FCR) in pig rearing By Tonny Wandella Since feed is going to be your biggest expense, we’ll start there. How much feed is it going to take to get those feeder pigs up to weight at 6 months? A pig will eat around 800 pounds of feed from weaning untilContinue reading “How Much Do You Need To Feed Your Pig?”

How to Stop Puppy Biting, Barking and Jumping

This video is going to lay out a few different strategies to help puppies that bite, bark and jump for attention. But first, it’s important to note that biting in particular is a normal and natural part of your puppy’s development. Puppy biting is a social behavior, it’s their way of asking someone to play.Continue reading “How to Stop Puppy Biting, Barking and Jumping”