5 Tips and Hacks to Achieve Deep Focus

By Townes Haas 

Increase Your Productivity Through Deeply Focused Work

It’s not hyperbolic to say that the ability to focus deeply can transform your work and career. According to Cal Newport, acclaimed author and computer science professor at Georgetown:

“The ability to concentrate without distraction on a demanding task (what I call “deep work”) is becoming more rare at the same time that it’s becoming more valuable in the knowledge sector. As a result, those individuals and organizations who put in the hard work to cultivate this skill will thrive.”

It’s a simple concept, but staying focused is much more complicated in practice. If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, your daily life is full of distractions. It’s easy to jump from one task to another, and the internet makes procrastination a breeze. In our modern world, it’s hard to find your flow on tasks and projects.

Fortunately, you can retrain your brain and learn how to achieve deep focus. Here’s how.

1. Accept that willpower isn’t enough

The ability to “power through” a mentally demanding task isn’t enough. Willpower is a finite resource. Eventually, you’ll run out.

Instead of relying on willpower, create systems you can count on to stay productive.

2. Schedule deep work on your calendar

Your calendar is the perfect place to implement systems that encourage deep work. Schedule blocks of time into your day the same way you’d block off time for a meeting or other appointment

Then, treat those blocks of time with the same respect you’d give to any other important event on your agenda. You’ll still need some willpower to get started, but a system helps eliminate decision fatigue.

3. Start with small sessions of focused work

Don’t expect to crank out a full day’s worth of uninterrupted work from the get-go, especially if you’re re-training your brain to focus without distraction. Even a 15-minute session of deeply focused work can make a noticeable dent in your to-do list.

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