How Not to Succeed In The Art World

Whether you are a writer, a musician, a painter or a sculptor you are a creative and that is part of art. this article from Art Business will give you tips to maneuver the industry. Without even knowing it, artists can sometimes sabotage their careers, compromise their reputations, reduce their chances of getting gallery representationContinue reading “How Not to Succeed In The Art World”


She that lingers like an immortal ancient fable,When trees undress their worn leaves and cloth us in velvet decay.I have to let her hide her sentinel ways in my vacant stare.The difference between her tears and the rain is the subtle warmth. I linger, but in haste: hurrying to procure her one last dream andContinue reading “WHEN WE LINGER”


Everything is dull whenever the record stops.There is a recluse she cherishes that fades away into nothingness,She claims there is someone in the music.A man of undecided wrath and sensual flares.He wears a sumptuous crown ; a velvet curtain upon his eyes.When the record starts to play he rises.The melody is his breath; haunting hisContinue reading “HE THAT LINGERS”