Why Podcasts Are Good For Your Kids

By Azuni Voice Podcasters produce material for a variety of objectives, like brand awareness, audience interaction, and knowledge sharing about a topic that is important to them. Different podcasts on your topic should be listened to. Discover the best podcasts on the subject of your children’s choice. The Kids & Family area on your phone’s podcastContinue reading “Why Podcasts Are Good For Your Kids”

7 Tips for Listening to Audiobooks With Kids

Read brightly has a few tips on how best to keep your kids reading. Reading with our ears can have educational benefits at all ages, but one of the best benefits of listening to audiobooks with kids is the priceless connection of experiencing a good story together. If your family has never listened to anContinue reading “7 Tips for Listening to Audiobooks With Kids”

8 Mental and Physical Benefits of Audio books

Jenna Homen works on all things related to social media and the Libro.fm community. When not reading and listening to books, she is probably painting or hiking. Social distancing and self-isolation in the face of coronavirus can take a toll on our mental health. Fortunately, audiobooks are a helpful tool to combat negative thoughts andContinue reading “8 Mental and Physical Benefits of Audio books”