Old Man in the Tub with MacGyver

by Mathew Paust  He’d been in the tub the better part of an hour, Calvin had. The duty water had long washed most of the shit off and carried it down the drain, leaving only a trickle from the shower head above the spigot knob he was unable to reach with enough leverage to push allContinue reading “Old Man in the Tub with MacGyver”

Silent Valley

by J. Fallthrough Jerry pulls back the throttle and squints through the window of the cockpit at the little abandoned village below.  “Silent Valley,” he says in a voice-over style like in the promotional videos. The quietest place in the Western Hemisphere.” The huts built by the scientists who studied the mountain movement barely stand anymore.Continue reading “Silent Valley”


by Jürgen Fauth In April, my uncle’s cherry orchard is an amazing sight. I used to score girls by taking them on a ride past Frauenstein, up on a hill where you could see the trees, the whole lot of them sparkling white and pink in the breeze. Then we’d go for a walk through theContinue reading “Orchard”

The Courage to Persevere

By Martyn Green To begin with I would like to ask you a question and to think carefully about your answer. “Have you ever been faced with an opportunity but declined to take it because of a lack of courage”? Before answering that we need to know exactly what is courage? The Merrian-Webster online dictionaryContinue reading The Courage to Persevere

Reverse Documentary

By Marisela Navarro Dino is a documentary filmmaker, haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend who was killed in a car crash while with another man. As Dino shoots his latest documentary on the vandalism occurring in the woods of his hometown, he tries to move on from her unexpected death. But when his lifeContinue reading Reverse Documentary

A Pest Most Fiendish

By Caighlan Smith Miss Pippa Kipling and her automaton companion, the Porter, exterminate pests of the supernatural variety. What should be a typical job in your average haunted cavern soon derails in an inconveniently undead fashion. Even with the aid of her gadget collection and the Porter’s prowess, this task may prove fatal for MissContinue reading A Pest Most Fiendish

The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom

By Max Gladstone A stranger claiming knowledge of realms beyond the known world attempts to stop a war. Stories about the Scholast proliferate among the uneducated. They say she was a god, or not. She seduced the Princess Martial, or was saved by her. She has been credited with miracles. But history owes its prideContinue reading The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom

The Story of Kao Yu

By Peter S. Beagle “The Story of Kao Yu” is a new fantasy short story by the legendary Peter S. Beagle which tells of an aging judge traveling through rural China and of a criminal he encounters. Of the story, Beagle says it “comes out of a lifelong fascination with Asian legendry — Chinese, Japanese,Continue reading The Story of Kao Yu

AI and the Trolley Problem

By Pat Cadigan A provocative story about the relationship between the humans on a British airbase and the AI security system that guards that base. When a group of humans are killed, the question is who is responsible and why. The wind was blowing sharply from the east, across the north European plain from SiberiaContinue reading AI and the Trolley Problem

Into the Gray

By Margaret Killjoy “You’re using me,” I said. “That might be true, but I also love you.” One is the Lady of the Waking Waters, an immortal mermaid. The other is a thief, who steals lives until a wish can be fulfilled, and a life-changing choice must be made. I only led the worst ofContinue reading Into the Gray