Top 10 Best Books For Financial Advisors

By The Advisor Coach If you know anything about me, you know that I read… a lot. I try to read at least one book every two or three days, and the majority of my reading revolves around business, self-improvement, sales, and marketing. As the host of the “Financial Advisor Marketing” podcast and founder ofContinue reading Top 10 Best Books For Financial Advisors


By Tonny Wandella Soft but clear was the essence of a whisper,That sifted and separated me from despondency to awe.I was bound to despair but now I tread on lovely marbles.Glistening: the shimmering hue of faith and the vividness of hope, I was heaven bound. She said ‘Come on let me off to your stormyContinue reading HEAVEN FACED


By Tonny Wandella Peeping into the only open window in the entire cityWhilst its shutters clanged and flapped in the cool intruding breeze,And the gossamer veil swayed with an animated elegance.They had been longing for a moment right; this was the night.And the last candle braved the breezeJust to watch them plunge into an enthrallContinue reading THE LAST CANDLE

21 Best Books To Change Your Life [They Changed Mine]

By On My Canvas Has anyone ever asked you to read books to change your life? I would go as far as to say reading is one of the synonyms of personal growth. I started reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, sincerely only for the last five years. But during this time, I read some books that shifted the courseContinue reading “21 Best Books To Change Your Life [They Changed Mine]”

15 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

By Emma Kerr Launching a business can feel like an act of rebellion against more traditional professional paths, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs and small business owners have to do it alone. Business books are one way to learn from seasoned experts and get help guiding your business to success. These 15 business books come highly recommended byContinue reading “15 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read”


By Tonny Wandella Nails and thoughts want to fix you.Birds and bees weep for your lost splendor.Yours measly glory falls like withering leaves,And it is the dust on my head that makes mePray for a storm.Neither water nor my sweat can replenish you.Your thorns are prominent: in time am pricked.My puckered brow is a mangledContinue reading WEATHERING GARLAND


By Tonny Wandella How long should a stoic soul wait?Ere it is cuddledWhile it lingers here slovenly: it is my phantomTrotting through every premeditated embraceWalls seem like flapping veils in the windIt can’t be tamed: not with its atrocious restlessness Behold, behind there is a dust, grim and fullAhead smoke, casting shadows over nightsIn thisContinue reading A FLESH-LESS SOUL