Proven Mind-Stimulating Tips for Seniors

Similar to how exercise benefits your physical health, brain exercises help your mental health by enhancing your memory and analytical abilities. Better still, it’s never too late to start working out your most crucial muscle. Continue reading for these simple techniques to sharpen your mind. Write frequently Writing helps to strengthen working memory and communication skills. Ultimately, itContinue reading Proven Mind-Stimulating Tips for Seniors

Games That Will Help Your Memory

By Conqueor Team Improving your short-and long-term memory can not only boost your productivity at work but can also influence your decision-making and organisational skills. Improved memory can also aid in stress reduction, which can improve your performance and overall happiness at work. Improving your memory takes time and regular brain exercise. In this article, we’llContinue reading Games That Will Help Your Memory

The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory

This is fascinating, we are all starting to understand the importance of ‘feeding’ our brains the right words to stay positive and centred. But, how many of us recognise that the foods we eat have such a dramatic impact on the workings of our brain? By Brainy Dose  The 10 Best Foods To Boost BrainContinue reading “The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory”

Human and Dog Brains Both Have Dedicated “Voice Areas”

Our social environment is complete with voices. A vital characteristic of the auditory mind is sound, and how we experience it. No surprise then that the human brain is especially tuned to voices. But, why would it exclude other animals? Well, until now we knew almost nothing it. This is the primary time we shouldContinue reading “Human and Dog Brains Both Have Dedicated “Voice Areas””