The Perpetuum Mobile Framework: A Genius Way of Growing Your Audience

By Art of Blogging

The modern reader is complicated — and fascinating. They don’t merely want you to provide them value; they want you to actively and genuinely pursue building a relationship with them. They want to be engaged with, not persuaded. They want to feel like you’re invested in their success. They’re smart enough to understand that you not a saint, but they could never trust a sinner.

At the same time, the modern reader is kind of busy… and kind of lazy.

Most blogging niches are both overcrowded and ultra-saturated. The most lucrative of them are also ultra-competitive.

In other words, there are more bloggers than ever, publishing more content than ever, with a small percentage of them providing readers with all the high-quality content they’ll ever need.

Because of all these factors, readers are far more reluctant to subscribe to your email newsletter. They just don’t want more spam in their inbox. They won’t follow you on social media, for fear of a cluttered newsfeed.

At the same time, the information overload we’re now experiencing ensures that the urge to explore that defined the early days of blogging is all but gone.

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