Morning Routines: 10 Steps Successful People Swear By

By Laura Berlinsky-Schine

Sheryl Sandberg creates her to-do list in a spiral notebook and checks off items before 7:00 a.m., when she arrives at her office (that office is Facebook headquarters, where Sheryl is the COO). Shonda Rhimes has a dance party — often with Beyoncé. 

Night owls may disagree, but many successful people agree that they’re most productive in the morning. That’s why establishing a morning routine will help you develop good habits that can enable you to focus, accomplish more in your workday, achieve your goals, and improve your life overall. 

Not every is an early riser or morning person, so it might take some practice to develop a routine that works for you. Not sure how to create your ideal morning ritual? Here are eight positive habits successful people swear by that can help you build a healthy morning routine:

10 Morning Routines Used By Successful People

Here are 10 routines to mirror.

1. Wake up at the same time every day.

Your circadian rhythm (system that regulates your sleep cycle) may cause your body to naturally wake up at a similar time every day, even on weekends. If it doesn’t, set an alarm clock, and keep it far away from your bed, so you have to get up to turn it off. Try to avoid relying on the snooze button; hitting it repeatedly and going back to sleep for short periods confuses your body, makes you feel sluggish and foggy later, and throws off your internal clock. Instead, set your alarm for the time you actually need or want to get up — and stick to it!

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