Opening to Lesson #6 – Code of the Conqueror

Here’s a little peak at the opening of lesson six from Mark’s latest book, Code of the Conqueror – The Journey. We hope you enjoy it:)

‘You have never conquered anything before,’ Fear said scornfully.


‘So, it will never be done in the future.’


You are far too brash,’ bellowed Anger. ‘There are names for those such as yourself.’

‘Maybe.’ I said calmly.

‘The place for those with your upbringing must always remain the same, otherwise—’

‘I lived my life long before you all entered it!’

‘You were young and reckless back then. You didn’t know what you were doing,’ Reason added knowingly.

‘Maybe, but I’ve never lost my child’s heart.’

Sniggering to themselves, Fear, Anger and Reason turn to Father Time, who raises a mirror to my face.

‘Look!’ Shouted Reason. ‘So, you think you are still young? Your time has come and gone, you didn’t make the most of your life. You are closer to death than birth you fool.’

​Anxiety appeared from nowhere and pointed to the dark looming clouds. ‘Now there’s a storm coming, and you cannot withstand its ferocity. You know in your heart how your story ends.’

‘Yes, I do,’ I whisper. ‘I am the storm.’

About Code of the Conqueror – The Journey.


Welcome to the world of Zhi, ancestor of Genghis Khan’s chief adviser, as seen through the eyes of the hapless entrepreneur Alex, as he treks the Great Wall of China.

Through humour, humility and stories of the Mongolian Empire, Zhi opens Alex’s eyes to the Six Great Desires.

If you’re looking to change direction with your life and remobilize your ‘mojo’ this book holds the key.

The Code of the Conqueror – The Journey is filled with ancient and modern wisdom, inspiring maxims, and proverbs that will keep you returning time and time again to guide you towards success and overall wellbeing. 

Desire is inevitable. Surrender is optional.

Zhi’s teachings reveal what every slightly worn out adult already knows, life is littered with temptation and suffering, yet still we go on as before, hoping our lives will change by doing the same thing over and over. Why is this?

‘To this point, you have been willing to change everything except yourself but change you must. Either I help you open your eyes or time will, and this I can promise … time will not be so gentle.’ ~ Zhi

Are you ready to follow the mystical life of Zhi, as he unravels the first part of the Code of the Conqueror?

Conqueror’s Pledge …

Strive for excellence, control your desires, discipline your mind, speak the truth and exceed yourself. Respect your mother & father. Respect yourself. Savour friendships.

These principles will help you to conquer yourself, make you stronger, give you hope and create momentum for personal greatness.

Get your copy today and Unleash your Inner Conqueror.