Why is Business Creativity Important?

By Tonny Wandella By Azuni Voice Nowadays, one of the most in-demand abilities is creative thinking. Companies praise employees that use novel and creative techniques to address issues and overcome obstacles. The value of creativity in businesses is also what helps companies and employees acquire a competitive advantage and increase productivity. Also with machine learningContinue reading “Why is Business Creativity Important?”

What Makes Us More Innovative in Our Work

By Tonny Wandella The world we live in is shaped by innovative technologies, commercial concepts, and social solutions. Every new concept has originated with a creative person or group of inventors. You could be pondering how to be more innovative if you’re motivated by new and unique designs and concepts. We define what it takesContinue reading “What Makes Us More Innovative in Our Work”

You Are Creative: Embracing Creativity at Work and in Life

By: Amma Marfo I spend a lot of time thinking about creativity and how to address the common misconception of who is creative. Because we conflate the idea of creative with artistic, most people don’t self-identify as creative. They fail to recognize that there is creativity in their work or in their approach to problem-solving.Continue reading “You Are Creative: Embracing Creativity at Work and in Life”

Top 10 activities to help boost your creative thinking

This was written by Maryia Viarkhusha The best ideas come out of thinking creatively. If you’re wondering how to get ideas that change the game, there are some activities that can help boost ideation. Here are ten tried and tested activities for charging up your creativity: 1. Take A Class Learning something new is like giving yourContinue reading “Top 10 activities to help boost your creative thinking”