How to Foster Creativity in Your Young Ones During Holidays

With the holidays here with us, it can be difficult to think of ways to keep your young ones entertained. Whether you’re looking for something fun and creative, or educational and hands-on, it’s important to find activities that will keep their minds active during the break. Here are some ideas on how to foster creativityContinue reading “How to Foster Creativity in Your Young Ones During Holidays”

Why is Business Creativity Important?

By Tonny Wandella By Azuni Voice Nowadays, one of the most in-demand abilities is creative thinking. Companies praise employees that use novel and creative techniques to address issues and overcome obstacles. The value of creativity in businesses is also what helps companies and employees acquire a competitive advantage and increase productivity. Also with machine learningContinue reading “Why is Business Creativity Important?”

You Are Creative: Embracing Creativity at Work and in Life

By: Amma Marfo I spend a lot of time thinking about creativity and how to address the common misconception of who is creative. Because we conflate the idea of creative with artistic, most people don’t self-identify as creative. They fail to recognize that there is creativity in their work or in their approach to problem-solving.Continue reading “You Are Creative: Embracing Creativity at Work and in Life”

33 Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity for Free

Written by The Greatist Team  We already know being creative can make us happier and healthier. But while we may think of creativity in terms of writing a novel or painting a masterpiece, experts say it can really mean anything from trying a new recipe to submitting an original idea during a meeting. Here we’ve got 33Continue reading “33 Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity for Free”

The Five Characteristics of Creativity

Dr Robert Muller ; is a Research Fellow, Disinformation/Nation-State Resilience; Sociologist; Thesis Guide/Editor: & Creativity — a necessary prerequisite for success, or an over-rated concept that cannot be learnt? The debate rages on. However, in my work as an academic and in community-building, I have been fortunate enough to work with students and community activists whoContinue reading “The Five Characteristics of Creativity”

7 Things You Can Eat and Drink to Boost Your Creativity

This is an article by Sarina Raman exploring foods that can boost our creativity. Creativity block – we’ve all experienced it. The times when you see the cursor repeatedly blinking at the beginning of a Word document…and then five hours pass and it’s still blinking in the same spot. Yeah – been there, done that. OurContinue reading “7 Things You Can Eat and Drink to Boost Your Creativity”


Relatocoerto offers a barrage of amazing short stories that aim at inspiring the muse in you to come alive. visit their website for more stories like this one. Waiting by a cliff, as the cold twilight wind blew around her, Licana Rose watched the light of a lonely house come on. Darkness surrounded her.Continue reading “FUTURE’S COLD HAND”

Top 10 activities to help boost your creative thinking

This was written by Maryia Viarkhusha The best ideas come out of thinking creatively. If you’re wondering how to get ideas that change the game, there are some activities that can help boost ideation. Here are ten tried and tested activities for charging up your creativity: 1. Take A Class Learning something new is like giving yourContinue reading “Top 10 activities to help boost your creative thinking”

The Most Useful Writing Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

I’ve been studying writing for 20 years now. I’m at the point where I’ve now taught more workshops than I’ve been a student in, and yet I still feel like I’m constantly on the search for new gems of knowledge about writing to both share with my students, and use in my own practice. I’mContinue reading “The Most Useful Writing Advice I’ve Ever Been Given”

OSHO: Alertness Awareness Mindfulness

 Osho’s Meditation approach: alertness, attention, mindfulness.   Whatever you’re doing, just do it consciously, don’t do it mechanically. I can move my hand mechanically. I can flow it very consciously, fully alert. And there’s a difference of quality. When you pass it with attention there is grace. When you move it similar to device, thereContinue reading “OSHO: Alertness Awareness Mindfulness”