5 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education in 2022

By Educations

The concept of traditional education has changed radically within the last couple of years. Being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore — not with the rise of the internet and new technologies, at least. Nowadays, you have access to a quality education whenever and wherever you want, as long as you can get online. We are now entering a new era — the revolution of online education.

There’s no need to discount the skepticism surrounding education through the internet. It’s hard to understand the notion of leaving behind the conventional classroom, especially if it’s to face this vast space called The Internet. 

However, that’s not reason enough to shy away from this alternative, which has proven to be valid and useful for many students. According to the most recent survey from Babson Survey Research Group, over 30 percent of higher education students in the United States are taking at least one distance course. Online education is a sensible choice whether you’re a teenager or an adult. As a student, this can be a useful learning method for sharpening your skills in a difficult subject, or learning a new skill. 

Keep on reading to learn five more reasons why you should get involved in online education!

1. It’s flexible.

Online education enables the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda. As a result, using an online educational platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so there’s no need to give anything up. Studying online teaches you vital time management skills, which makes finding a good work-study balance easier. Having a common agenda between the student and teacher can also prompt both parties to accept new responsibilities and have more autonomy. 

2. It offers a wide selection of programs.

In a space as vast and wide as the internet, there are infinite skills and subjects to teach and learn. A growing number of universities and higher education schools are offering online versions of their programs for various levels and disciplines. From music composition to quantum physics, there are options for every type of student. Studying your program online is also a great option for getting an official certificate, diploma, or degree without physically setting foot on a university campus. Nowadays, people get certificates that help them succeed in their professional careers; the excellent ones are especially the financial certifications with the best ROI.”

3. It’s accessible.

Online education enables you to study or teach from anywhere in the world. This means there’s no need to commute from one place to another, or follow a rigid schedule. On top of that, not only do you save time, but you also save money, which can be spent on other priorities. The virtual classroom is also available anywhere there’s an internet connection, and a good way to take advantage of this is to travel. For example, if you’re studying abroad and want to get a job, online education is a great choice. There’s no reason to give up on working or studying while exploring new and exotic places. 

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OSHO: Alertness Awareness Mindfulness

 Osho’s Meditation approach: alertness, attention, mindfulness. 

 Whatever you’re doing, just do it consciously, don’t do it mechanically.

I can move my hand mechanically. I can flow it very consciously, fully alert. And there’s a difference of quality. When you pass it with attention there is grace.

When you move it similar to device, there may be no grace, no splendour. When you are doing any form of paintings. . .

All the vintage religions have been telling you that your faith is a Sunday religion. Every Sunday you have to go to church, and for 6 days you’re free. This could be very odd. Six days God was growing this world.

He changed into quite innovative, in six days he created this complete universe, and seventh day there may be no mention that he went to church! In truth, after the ones six days he has gone for a protracted weekend. And it has been truly lengthy! According to Christians, six thousand years have surpassed. According to Hindus, 90 thousand years have surpassed. The weekend appears to be unending! Six days you do the whole lot, and seventh day you go to the church, pray, and your faith is completed.

Other religions give you twenty mins meditation — take a seat within the morning and meditate for twenty mins. These are not meditations. Meditation needs to be some thing like breathing, you can’t go on excursion. Even in sleep you need to keep respiratory.

So something you’re doing even simply respiration, then breathe consciously in. As you’re taking the breath in, remain alert. As the breath starts transferring out, stay alert. You are meditating.

Walking, just cross consciously, and you are meditating. My meditation isn’t always something break free lifestyles; it is something that has to be unfold throughout lifestyles. Your complete life has to be coloured by using it. So something you do, you are making love, however meditation remains.

You can not drop that even at the same time as making love. It isn’t always like your glasses, you cannot take it off! It is like eyes, they’re constantly there, you cannot simply take them off and positioned them on again. My meditation is a way of being aware of something you are doing thinking, feeling. On all 3 layers you need to grow to be aware.

A time comes that once you’ll sleep. . . Even then at the same time as you are sitting on the mattress, sit down in focus, lie down in awareness.

Wait for sleep fully watchful: whilst it comes, the way it comes, how slowly it descends on you, how your body begins enjoyable, in what points there has been tension, and now the anxiety is long gone. A day will come, really comes, when the frame can have gone to sleep and your meditation may be still there like a flame internal you, burning, fully conscious. This is the moment that I name your meditation is complete. Now even in sleep you could meditate.

So there may be no question, at the same time as you’re unsleeping you will be able to meditate, there is no hassle. And the man who can meditate in sleep might be capable of meditate while dying, due to the fact the same is the system. Just as in sleep you slowly slowly go deeper interior you, the frame is left a ways away, relaxed, the mind slows down, the mind pass on disappearing precisely the same happens in demise. A guy who is aware of meditation, by no means dies.

He remains alive, aware. Death is going on, he is there. When Socrates turned into given poison, he had accumulated all his disciples. One of the disciples asked, “Before you leave us, please inform us whether the soul survives or now not.

” Socrates stated, “Again you are asking the identical stupid query. Let me die and notice! I will die completely aware. Only two are the opportunities: both I am gone, finished with the frame finishing, and there’s no one left to be conscious, or the frame could be demise, and I might be entering into some other shape. But before dying, how can I say? I am so excited.

” And the person who’s making ready the poison is delaying, because he loves Socrates everybody loved the person, even the man who’s going to offer him poison is delaying. Socrates says, “This is not right. It is exact now time which you need to come. ” The man who turned into making ready the poison stated, “You should be loopy, Socrates.

I am genuinely delaying the method so that you can live a touch longer. ” Socrates says, “I actually have lived lengthy sufficient, and I actually have lived so totally that I don’t suppose I actually have left whatever unlived. My existence is entire, so don’t waste time. I am excited to revel in loss of life.

I want to see loss of life. ” And that is precisely the scenario of each meditator: he desires to see death too. And seeing it method you’re become independent from it, you are something eternal. And this experience of eternity, immortality, is authentic faith no longer worshiping a God, not a Holy Bible, now not a Gita.

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