Rise of the Conqueror –Change will come

Onwards and upwards. Your journey has just begun.

Do not hurry. Breathe in life, breathe in the day. Slow and gentle. Change will come soon enough of its own accord.

All around you is energy, everything, even the most solid of objects emanate energy. You are energy too. Use energy wisely.

Appreciate the pain in your life and appreciate the sorrow from your eternal spring. Life will soon change and you will soar once more.

Refine and improve the quality of your thoughts. As a conqueror you have little to fear from the world.

A poor man though always suffers from lack. This attitude only serves to awaken endless desires, be they of the flesh, money or power. Being inflamed with desire will inevitably wear out his mind, body and spirit and will succumb to a sleep walking death in the middle of his life. The whole world will appear pitted against him and make for a sorrowful existence.

The world is always changing. Everything is in a state of flux. Like a flowing river, you will never step in the same place twice.

The river of yesterday is not the same river today.

Everyone grows older. Everyone decays. It is life. Accept it. Go with the flow. Just breathe.

Understand and embrace the essence of change, of life and all it endeavours to do to destroy the equilibrium in you.

We hold onto things in an effort to find happiness and comfort. It is wrongful.

We cling with all our might to hold onto things that are past their time. Let go. You cannot control everything.

Love and let go. Don’t let others own your happiness. Adapt and overcome. Be you.

We don’t have control over life, people or time.

From today, embrace change. It is not painful, only resistance to change is.

Change is no longer our enemy but our teacher.

Now, rise and face your day.

You are conqueror of your life.