How to Create a Good but Simple Facebook Ad Video: Create to Convert’ Framework

By Azuni Voice

According to a recent Animoto poll, 93 percent of marketers claim a video on social media helped them get a new customer. And one of the most effective ways for getting your videos in front of new potential customers on Facebook and Instagram is Facebook’s Ad Manager.

“An easy framework to add lightweight motion to still photos,” according to Create to Convert. Given that the number of marketers employing video in direct-response ads on Facebook and other platforms has surged 3.8X in the last year, a framework like this could be just what advertisers need right now.

Facebook makes it simple to target the proper audience for your company without breaking the bank. We’ve also made it easier to make the proper voiceover for your target audience. Are you ready to begin? Let’s dive in:

Still images can be animated in four easy ways to be used as video advertisements:

Basic motion

Adding one or two motion elements to still photographs to make them more animated. This results in a short film that “includes a call-to-action (CTA) card at the conclusion to drive your intended business outcome,” according to the website.

Brand in motion

Animating components of a logo or brand to “bring it to life” in a matter of seconds. This aids in brand recognition, but including a call-to-action card at the conclusion will encourage people to take action.

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