Financial Literacy

Written by True Tamplin, BSc, CEPF® Financial literacy is the knowledge and confidence to make smart financial decisions. It doesn’t just mean balancing a checkbook, but also taking advantage of opportunities for your future self such as savings accounts and Roth IRAs that offer tax benefits over traditional checking or savings accounts. Financial literacy can help you getContinue reading “Financial Literacy”

How 7 tips from ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ could help you save up quickly

There are some must-read books in personal finances that will help you develop good saving habits. Undergoing training and taking the time to read can help you improve economic control so you can become more financially literate and, ultimately, increase your financial freedom. While many manage perfectly well relying on their intuition to guide theirContinue reading “How 7 tips from ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ could help you save up quickly”

Getting Out of Bad Loans- What You Should Know

In the West, we’re used to living above our means, by borrowing money to pay for what we can’t afford. Bad loans – or bad debt – is one of the most destructive behaviors we can do to our personal finances, yet many people don’t quite understand just what bad loans are, or how toContinue reading “Getting Out of Bad Loans- What You Should Know”

How to prepare for retirement emotionally

Retirement can be a shock to the system. It marks a significant change in lifestyle and will, at first, feel unfamiliar. Of course it will; gone is the dependable workplace routine, gone is the daily contact with colleagues, and gone is the financial security of a workplace salary. Suddenly, you’ve got new challenges to worryContinue reading “How to prepare for retirement emotionally”