The Best Books for Personal Trainers in 2022


Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career — Jonathan Goodman

Ignite provides a clear road map to starting your personal training career, building your clientele, establishing your reputation, and boosting your income. This book has 1,000+ 5-star reviews and is also available in both Spanish and Chinese.

Day by Day: The Personal Trainer’s Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success — Kevin Mullins

Mullins, a frequent contributor to the PTDC and a master instructor and coach, shares 365 tips to help you become a better trainer, one day at a time.

Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-In — Brett Bartholomew

Bartholomew is a coach’s coach, someone who’s trained so many athletes in so many sports that he’s developed universally applicable techniques and systems to communicate and build relationships with clients. The goal is to gain their trust and increase their engagement in your program.

Change Maker: Turn Your Passion for Health and Fitness into a Powerful Purpose and a Wildly Successful Career (November 2019) — John Berardi, PhD

The cofounder of Precision Nutrition (and friend of the PTDC) has achieved phenomenal success as a coach, writer, presenter, and fitness industry leader. Now Berardi wants to help young health and fitness pros make a difference with their own careers, building and expanding on their strengths to find their deeper purpose and achieve lasting success.

Secrets of Successful Program Design: A How-To Guide for Busy Fitness Professionals — Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Rasmussen

Most clients want the same basic goals (look better, perform better, feel and move better), which means your next client’s program should be mostly ready for them before they even walk in the door. “Making something different just for the sake of being different is in fact bad programming,” Cosgrove and Rasmussen write. This comprehensive guide shows you how to create the templates and apply them to each client, based on their goal, training status, and time frame.  

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Best Fitness Books

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Bigger Leaner Stronger

The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

If you want to be muscular, lean, and strong as quickly as possible without steroids, good genetics, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym and money on supplements…then you want to read this book.Here’s the deal:Getting into awesome shape isn’t nearly as complicated as the fitness industry wants you to believe.You don’t need to spend h…

Starting Strength

Basic Barbell Training, 3rd edition

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training is the new expanded version of the book that has been called “the best and most useful of fitness books.” It picks up where Starting Strength: A Simple and Practical Guide for Coaching Beginners leaves off. With all new graphics and more than 750 illustrations, a more detailed analysis of the five most impo…

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised

From elite bodybuilding competitors to gymnasts, from golfers to fitness gurus, anyone who works out with weights must own this book—a book that only Arnold Schwarzenegger could write, a book that has earned its reputation as “the bible of bodybuilding.”Inside, Arnold covers the very latest advances in both weight training and bodybuilding competit…

Becoming a Supple Leopard

The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance (2nd Edition)

LEARN HOW TO HACK HUMAN MOVEMENT Join the movement that has reached millions of athletes and coaches; learn how to perform basic maintenance on your body, unlock your human potential, live pain free…and become a Supple Leopard. Improve your athletic performance, extend your athletic career, treat body stiffness and achy joints, and rehabilitate inj…

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