Five Ways A Nursing Mom Can Lose Weight

By Conqueror Team Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful life experiences. However, growing a tiny little body inside yours causes a lot of emotional as well as physical changes. Women are advised to eat healthily during pregnancy and avoid strenuous exercises to promote their baby’s healthy growth. Generally, six weeks after givingContinue reading Five Ways A Nursing Mom Can Lose Weight

Why Do Most People Fail To Maintain Weight Loss Long-Term?

By Conqueror Team Are you tired of all the challenging core exercises and still unable to see the results? Do you want to return to your old sedentary lifestyle? Weight-loss is a taxing activity and requires a lot of hard work. Sometimes people have a lot of motivation in the beginning, but it soon wearsContinue reading Why Do Most People Fail To Maintain Weight Loss Long-Term?

The Best Books for Personal Trainers in 2022

By JONATHAN GOODMAN  Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career — Jonathan Goodman Ignite provides a clear road map to starting your personal training career, building your clientele, establishing your reputation, and boosting your income. This book has 1,000+ 5-star reviews and is also available in both Spanish and Chinese. Day byContinue reading “The Best Books for Personal Trainers in 2022”

How To Stay Active With Your Desk Job

By Tonny Wandella Sitting at a desk for 8 hours each day is not good for your mind, body or soul. To stay fit and healthy, we need regular exercise, but that may not be easy or possible, especially if your job requires you to be seated for the better part of the day. ResearchContinue reading “How To Stay Active With Your Desk Job”

Benefits of walking 40 minutes a day

By Tonny Wandella Walking for about 40 minutes every day might help you take charge of your health. Consistently engaging in this kind of aerobic activity throughout the week has several advantages. A regular walk might be the key to better health, whether you’re seeking improved heart health, better sleep, a mood boost, weight loss,Continue reading “Benefits of walking 40 minutes a day”

Your Mind Builds Your Body – Book Review

Mary Mikawoz Book: “Your Mind Builds Your Body: Unlock Your Potential with Biohacking and Strength Training” Roger Snipes, Watkins Publishing, 2021. Book Review by Mary Mikawoz Book Available May 11, 2021 First of all, I have to start off by saying I was not the target audience of this book. It is primarily by aContinue reading “Your Mind Builds Your Body – Book Review”

Why Consistency is Important in Fitness

By Tonny Wandella Consistent exercise is essential for accomplishing fitness goals. Making a fitness schedule will assist you in being more consistent. A dedication to a regular training routine will improve your fitness, your health, and your emotional well-being. Committing to a fitness programme entails creating a strategy for a single exercise or a seriesContinue reading “Why Consistency is Important in Fitness”

5 Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common orthopedic conditions for which people seek medical treatment. It includes pain felt behind and around the knee cap, especially during activities like stair climbing, squatting, running, and walking while carrying a heavy load. Knee pain can prevent you from participating in your favorite activities and performing dailyContinue reading “5 Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain”

No More Backaches: 15 Great Exercises for a Stronger Back

Written by Nicole Davis and Katey Davidson If you’ve ever had back pain, you know just how frustrating it can be — and you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 60–80% of adults in Western countries deal with lower back pain (1Trusted Source). And because almost every movement your body makes engages your back in some way, this kindContinue reading “No More Backaches: 15 Great Exercises for a Stronger Back”

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

By Tonny Wandella People who exercise daily do so because it offers them a tremendous sense of well-being. They have more energy all through the day, sleep well at night, have clearer memories, and are more relaxed and optimistic about themselves and their life. It’s also an effective treatment for a variety of common mentalContinue reading “The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise”