The CFX Academy

The CFX vision has always been of a full-service forex experience, ranging from fully-automated participation in the forex market for its global membership.

Members with the desire to partially or fully immerse themselves into learning, and ultimately mastering the Foreign Exchange market will be able to do so with the support of 2 key infrastructural CFX tools: The CFX Academy and the CFX corporate offices in Panama City, Panama.

While the Academy contains forex focused curriculum from beginner through advance to expert in 3 interactive learning series, the Elemental, Advanced, and Supreme, this is far from the limit of benefit to CFX membership.

As a custom-designed and built online environment, the Academy of the future will also serve as the foundation of financial learning for hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

As the wealth divide between financial classes continues to expand, in western countries, it is becoming obvious that most people are not learning the very basics of understanding assets and asset management, opportunities that are available to them and using sound financial principles to create financial security for themselves and their families.

As an extension to the CFX Academy, large-scale global financial events are also planned to extend the opportunity for CFX members to meet each other, develop friendships and learn from financial experts in a variety of critically important wealthy building subjects.

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