Ways to Use Mindfulness During Your Grief

By Tonny Wandella Mindfulness practice is not intended to alleviate pain or persuade others that everything is OK; rather, it is intended to assist you in recognising the reality of your situation in a nonjudgmental and loving manner. Mindfulness can develop into a way of life, but it takes time. Let’s look at some waysContinue reading “Ways to Use Mindfulness During Your Grief”

Understanding Avoidance in Grief

Learn how to face your grief with this article from ELEANOR HALEY Avoidance is an important concept for grievers to understand.  Some of you may remember we briefly touched on this subject when we discussed avoidance coping vs. taking a break from grief.  Although this post made an important distinction, it didn’t seek to explain avoidance and theContinue reading “Understanding Avoidance in Grief”