What Not To Do After Running

By Tonny Wandella Running exposes your body to a high-intensity training stimulus. Because you have to concentrate on every step, your muscles are taxed, your joints work harder, and your brain is working overtime. As soon as you finish your workout, a crucial step begins recuperation. Your body is now compensating for the stress itContinue reading “What Not To Do After Running”

Benefits of walking 40 minutes a day

By Tonny Wandella Walking for about 40 minutes every day might help you take charge of your health. Consistently engaging in this kind of aerobic activity throughout the week has several advantages. A regular walk might be the key to better health, whether you’re seeking improved heart health, better sleep, a mood boost, weight loss,Continue reading “Benefits of walking 40 minutes a day”

How to Jog Properly With Correct Jogging Way and Techniques in 2022

By Aidan H. Jogging and running are aerobic exercises that give the body positive health benefits such as weight loss and decreasing blood pressure levels. Both exercises are beneficial but require different body techniques. Running needs more speed and power and is more intense. On the other hand, jogging has a slower pace and involves more muscle use. TheseContinue reading “How to Jog Properly With Correct Jogging Way and Techniques in 2022”