Should You Buy the MacBook Air?

By MacRumors Staff The MacBook Air is part of Apple’s latest generation of Macs with Apple silicon, featuring significantly improved performance and battery life in a slim, fanless design. Announced in November of 2020, the MacBook Air is among the newest Macs in Apple’s lineup and it is still believed to be fairly early in its product cycle. Apple has updatedContinue reading “Should You Buy the MacBook Air?”

How well does Minecraft run on an M1 Mac?

By Darke Blog I’ve been playing Minecraft on my M1 Mac mini now for a few months, and the good news is it works great. Many people have been asking me in the comments on my Let’s Play YouTube series – how does Minecraft perform on M1 Macs? Specifically, people are interested in the FPS I’m able to get. That’s notContinue reading “How well does Minecraft run on an M1 Mac?”