How Meditation Can Help to Improve Your Productivity

By Jignesh Gohel As business competition is rising tremendously, being innovative and productive is the best choice for employees who want to retain their jobs. Employees who work hard and devote more and more time to being productive end up becoming very stressed. Stressful minds will never be productive and in most case, the employee willContinue reading “How Meditation Can Help to Improve Your Productivity”

What people still get wrong about meditation

By Heather Sundell Picture this: it’s a quiet afternoon aside from two birds singing to one another. A soft breeze blows past your face as you inhale deeply. You feel the sunlight warm your skin as all the muscles in your body begin to relax, one by one. You’ve never felt more clear or settled.Continue reading “What people still get wrong about meditation”

30 Mindfulness Activities to Find Calm at Any Age

Crystal Hoshaw is a mother, writer, and longtime yoga practitioner. She has taught in private studios, gyms, and in one-on-one settings in Los Angeles, Thailand, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The practice of mindfulness is gaining popularity as a way to ease stress, soothe anxiety, and be more present and engaged in life. GoodContinue reading “30 Mindfulness Activities to Find Calm at Any Age”

These 100 Benefits of Meditation Will Convince You Once and for All to Try It 

Erica Sweeney is a writer who covers health, wellness, nutrition, food, fitness and lots of other topics. She has written for The New York Times, HuffPost, Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, Money and more. The benefits of meditation are plentiful in ordinary times. And amid the coronavirus pandemic, being present and finding moments of peace has never been more important. AsContinue reading “These 100 Benefits of Meditation Will Convince You Once and for All to Try It “

What I’ve Learned About Learning

Leo Babauta is an author, vegan and minimalist, she is also the founder of Zen Habits ‘We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.’ ~Lloyd Alexander I am a teacher and an avid learner, and I’m passionate about both. I’m aContinue reading “What I’ve Learned About Learning”

OSHO: Alertness Awareness Mindfulness

 Osho’s Meditation approach: alertness, attention, mindfulness.   Whatever you’re doing, just do it consciously, don’t do it mechanically. I can move my hand mechanically. I can flow it very consciously, fully alert. And there’s a difference of quality. When you pass it with attention there is grace. When you move it similar to device, thereContinue reading “OSHO: Alertness Awareness Mindfulness”

13 Ways to Be More Mindful – Practice Mindfulness Daily

Hello friends this is Youheum. I’ve been working towards Mindfulness for five years and I don’t try to be perfectly conscious for the duration of the complete day. I’m conscious that plenty of us attempt to be the appropriate Zen master and we frequently experience shameful for not keeping up with Mindfulness. That’s why itContinue reading “13 Ways to Be More Mindful – Practice Mindfulness Daily”