9 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon. It’s one of the biggest ecommerce websites in existence – a behemoth in almost every marketplace you can think of, from books to clothing to gadgets. But the platform offers far more than just diversity in its range of products. It also offers many different ways to make money—some of which you may not even be familiar with.

In this article, we’ll explore eight different ways to make a profit on Amazon.

Note: Many of these methods are already working for aspiring entrepreneurs like you. It just requires consistency and a little work to see your first few bucks. Once you get a hold of what’s working and what isn’t, it gets easier to make money on Amazon.

1. Sign Up for Amazon Handmade

Just like Etsy, Amazon Handmade lets artisans sell their own handcrafted goods online, including clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

To become an Amazon Handmade seller, you need to complete an application form, which lets you describe the nature of your work and production process.

Handmade is a blessing for pro and aspiring artisans looking to reach Amazon’s large customer base. Those approved even get a custom URL to go along with their Artisan profile, making it easy for their customers to find their shop.

Plus, Amazon won’t charge you anything to join the program and list your products. While you’ll need to create a Professional Selling account that usually costs $39.99 a month, even that fee is waived for Handmade sellers. The only fee you’ll need to pay is a 15% referral fee on your total sales price.

Apply here: Amazon Handmade

2. Become an Affiliate

A simple way to make money on Amazon is to become an affiliate. If you run a blog, website, or even moderate a community, you already have an audience. By recommending interesting and high-quality products (found on Amazon) to your audience, you can earn a referral fee for your efforts.

Depending on the item, you can get anywhere from 4 to 10 percent of the product’s price when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Amazon lets you become an affiliate for just about anything. If you write in-depth reviews about books, for instance, you can include referral links for titles in the “Books” category on the Amazon marketplace.

You can even include links to products that help enhance the reading experience, such as slippers and blankets for getting cozy.

Here are the three steps you’ll need to follow in order to become an Amazon affiliate:

Once you get approved, you can select from millions of items to refer to your customers. Success, however, will depend on your ability to create stellar content, as well as how much value you’re providing to your subscribers and readers.

Apply here: Amazon Associates

3. Try Merch by Amazon

If you’re good at design, you may be able to generate a decent income by selling T-shirts and other similar things through Merch by Amazon. The platform allows you to sell your artwork as Amazon products at no cost to you.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Create an account via the Merch by Amazon webpage
  • Upload your design and set a price
  • Select a color and write a description

Once you’ve done all of that, your shirt will go live on the Amazon marketplace.

A benefit of using Merch by Amazon is that Amazon takes the responsibility of packaging, shipping, printing, and providing support to the customer.

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