The 8 Best Mindfulness Books of 2021

By Very Well Mind Our Top Picks Don’t Hate, Meditate! 5 Easy Practices “The pick unpacks the five spiritual mindsets and offers up meditations and quizzes to help the reader learn more about themself.” In Courage Journal: A Daily Practice for Self-Discovery “Touching on everyday themes like stress and burnout, it also offers motivational excerpts, mantras,Continue reading “The 8 Best Mindfulness Books of 2021”

Rise of the Conqueror –Change will come

Onwards and upwards. Your journey has just begun. Do not hurry. Breathe in life, breathe in the day. Slow and gentle. Change will come soon enough of its own accord. All around you is energy, everything, even the most solid of objects emanate energy. You are energy too. Use energy wisely. Appreciate the pain inContinue reading “Rise of the Conqueror –Change will come”

How To Be Successful In Life – 10 Powerful Keys

Hi! I’m Christina Dronen, co-founder of Finally Family Homes and a primary contributor to this blog. Do you know what leads one person to achieve success in life over another? After doing a lot of research, we’ve come up with 10 Keys to Success. Success is within reach if you are willing to put inContinue reading “How To Be Successful In Life – 10 Powerful Keys”

Conqueror Within (With audio version)

Life does not get better by chance. You can meditate day and night until your brain is as numb as your arse! You can listen to the best advices and ancient wisdom, yet it will not improve your life. There are no shortcuts from just wishing. You must work work work. Take action and gainContinue reading “Conqueror Within (With audio version)”

5 Fitness Myths Debunked!

Today, I want to debunk five of the most prominent fitness myths. This isn’t intended to belittle your knowledge and efforts in the gym, but to inform you so that you can begin on a path to greater success. Stop wasting your time believing in the following , and you will start feeling a whole lotContinue reading “5 Fitness Myths Debunked!”

Rise of the Conqueror – Know Yourself (With audio version)

Your only purpose on this earth is to be you, and only you. Never compare yourself with another, for you are the only YOU that has ever been created. Your tribe may appear similar, but they have not trodden your path, nor have you trod theirs. The trials and tribulations you have endured are forgingContinue reading “Rise of the Conqueror – Know Yourself (With audio version)”

Rise of the Conqueror Part II (With audio version)

Today I wish to share with you the Buddha’s teachings on desire.Human desires are endless. It is like the thirst of a man who drinks salt water: he gets no satisfaction and his thirst is only increased.So it is with a man who seeks to gratify his desires; he only gains increased dissatisfaction and hisContinue reading “Rise of the Conqueror Part II (With audio version)”

How to Be Outrageously Consistent | 7 Tips to Be Consistently Consistent

Anthony Galli Medium’s Top Conservative Writer My friend laughs at me whenever we walk into a restaurant because the waiter will walk over, smile, and ask, “Same same?” I tend to go to the same restaurants and order the same thing. As I tell my friend, “Why fix what’s not broke?” My productivity is predicated on consistency.Continue reading “How to Be Outrageously Consistent | 7 Tips to Be Consistently Consistent”

Stay mentally focused all of the time (Edited version)

Do you want to  improve your focus   A few tweaks are all it will take, if I can finally get to grips with focusing more, I’m sure you can too. You may not  realise that what you do in your free time, or how much sleep you get each night has a huge impact on howContinue reading “Stay mentally focused all of the time (Edited version)”

Voluntary Discomfort (With audio version)

Stoicism is a way of life that helps to endure hardship and enjoy life. It proposes that we should use reason to align ourselves with the flow of life. The Stoics call this ‘living in accordance with Nature’. In Ancient Greece and Rome, its followers ranged from slaves to emperors and from athletes to businessContinue reading “Voluntary Discomfort (With audio version)”